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Federated Charities Nonprofit Center

We make nonprofit centering fun…really. Providing a “home” for nonprofits in a 200 year old building never gets old (get it?-) But our center exists in the heart of our community as a place and a space for individuals and families who are experiencing their very worst day. Our center is a haven for them and operational space for 16 nonprofits. We support a range of organizations and services from health and welfare to cultural preservation and we work with the greater sector in our community to ensure that our fellow citizens have access to quality programs that make their lives better. Because of our work, more than $250,000 every year (for more than 100 years) has gone back into Frederick in the form of services rather than overhead.

What is one interesting fact about your space?

We have a statue at our front entrance that is recognized all over the community…it’s a large Chesapeake Retriever and it was installed in 1858 by the family who lived in our building as their home. Charity (the dog) was gifted to us along with the property in 1930 and we have maintained both since then. We know he isn’t real but what he represents as the face of our center is very real. And, as far as we know the building isn’t haunted!

What are your favorite resources that you would recommend to others?

I just recently attended a seminar from Candid (formerly Guidestar) called “Building a Race Equity Culture” in the workplace and I thought that was amazing. As an executive director, it’s always helpful to participate in the online group “ED Happy Hour” for quick reality checks about the practice of running organizations and I frequently use pieces in the NCN resource community. Running a center isn’t for the fainthearted but the community of support is out there and available.

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