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Regional Chapter Roundtables

The Nonprofit Centers Network works to ensure that every nonprofit has access to a quality workspace and quality infrastructure to deliver on their mission. Our eight Regional Chapters throughout the US and Canada build capacity in the nonprofit sector and strengthen their regional movement of social purpose real estate by:

  • Building meaningful connections and opportunities for collaboration
  • Sharing regional best practices
  • Peer learning through quality content and conversation

Each Regional Chapter is led by an NCN Steering Committee Member, and a local area NCN member and all NCN members are invited. There are four Regional Chapter Roundtables a year for NCN members to learn, collaborate, and connect. We’d love to have you be a part of your Regional Chapter community!

Regional Chapter Roundtables

2022 Dates

East Coast US / Midwest US / Central US / Western Canada
March 9, June 8, September 14, December 14

Mid-Atlantic US / Eastern Canada /
Southern US / West Coast US

March 10, June 9, September 8, December 8

Locate Your Regional Chapter

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Is there such thing as a wrong time to invest in spatial justice?

The swirl of opinions about the pandemic’s impact on the state of commercial real estate and how that intersects with the outlook on nonprofit centers continues. Some reports are that workers are already back in their offices at near pre-pandemic levels and have been for the better part of a year, at least in small and mid-sized cities. Another report out of San Francisco recently warned that the city’s status as a commercial real estate investor’s dream hasn’t yet found its post-COVID footing as office buildings are pulled off the market after fetching lower than expected bids. From NCN’s perspective, some NCN members report lingering vacancies, but our consulting pipeline is currently full of groups creating new nonprofit centers in their communities.

5 tips from NCN Summer Regional Chapter Roundtables

NCN recently hosted our summer Regional Chapter Roundtables across the US and Canada. Every time I attend these Roundtables, I’m reminded of the incredible impact our members have across North America. The incredible work our centers in operation and centers in development are doing, the incredible teams and tenants they serve, and the incredible solidarity and support they show their fellow NCN members by sharing ideas. In the spirit of sharing, below are a few of the great ideas for centers that we heard.

5 tips from NCN Spring Regional Chapter Roundtables

Last week we had our first NCN Regional Chapter Roundtables of 2022. These Regional Chapter Roundtables occur once a quarter, and I am really enjoying seeing each chapter build its own identity and community for peer learning and connection. I am always so impressed by the tricks of the trade and new things I learn from our members at these roundtables, and I wanted a way to bring these to all of our NCN community. So, after each quarter’s round of roundtables, I’ll be sharing 5 tips I heard from the regional chapters about nonprofit centers and social purpose real estate. So without further adieu, let’s see what I learned about this time!

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