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State of the Sector

State of the Shared Space Sector Survey 2015

Keeping your nonprofit collaborators close matters!

There’s a reason that nonprofits sharing space is becoming “the new normal.”

In this report you’ll discover why the number of known nonprofit centers operating in North America has nearly doubled over the last 4 years. Whether you’re a leader of an established or fledgling nonprofit organization, you may want to consider moving into a mission-aligned shared workspace. Here’s how you’ll benefit:

  • Stabilized operational costs
  • Decreased staff turnover
  • Increased staff happiness + productivity
  • Seamlessly networked client care management
  • More capacity to execute mission

The advantages of operating out of a shared workspace are substantial, especially for small to mid-size nonprofits and charities. This report will illuminate how hundreds of nonprofits are scaling smarter and serving their communities better- together.

Collectively, the nonprofit shared space sector encompasses approximately 13.75 million square feet of workspace, houses nearly 28,000 employees, and serves nearly 99,000 people per week. If you’re curious how to use your office space to maximize your mission, you’ll want access to this report.

See why so many have taken up residence in the “new normal”!

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