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October 4-6, 2022

Looking for the nuts and bolts of creating and operating your own mission-driven shared space? Developing and running a nonprofit center requires real estate know-how with a unique nonprofit lens – not an easy task. No matter what stage you’re in, this boot camp will provide a road map full of tips, success stories, and common pitfalls to avoid.

This training is recommended for anyone who is leading or supporting a shared space project, including nonprofit leaders and Board of Directors members, as well as any funders or representatives from local/regional governments who are, or are considering, supporting a nonprofit center project.

What you can expect in this training:

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To hear about how a nonprofit center is defined with a range of examples and best practices and trends from the field.

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To learn about the benefits of  colocation for nonprofits, their teams, and the communities they serve, and how to frame these benefits into a compelling pitch.

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To understand a detailed project road map that layers real estate expertise with shared space conditions including feasibility, finding a building, becoming a landlord, and more.

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To decipher the pros and cons of different kinds of pre-development and capital funding, including capital campaigns, bonds, traditional debt financing, and more.

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To hear actionable tips to ignite connection and engagement among your tenants within your center, as well as decide if a collaborative governance approach is right for you.

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To discover where to find more help if you need it, including how NCN and its network can support your journey through membership or through a consulting engagement.

What's Included:

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Hours of trainings

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Modules of expert content

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Downloadable Guides, Templates, & Resources

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Discussion sessions with other participants

envisioning a center

Kicking Off Your Real Estate Journey

October 4th, 11-1:30 PST / 2-4:30 EST

  • Module 1: About Nonprofit Centers
  • Module 2: Determining vision and project goals
  • Module 3: Understanding feasibility: establishing demand for your center
  • Module 4: Assembling a project team and selecting a site
  • Group Discussion Session
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The Business of a Mission-Driven Space

October 5th, 11-1:30 PST / 2-4:30 EST

  • Module 5: Understanding and determining pre-development and capital costs and financing
  • Module 6: Congratulations, you’re a landlord! Finding and serving tenants
  • Module 7: Calculating expenses and revenue
  • Module 8: Governance of your space: how decisions big and small get made
  • Group Discussion Session
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Getting Your Center Off The Ground

October 6th, 11-1:30 PST / 2-4:30 EST

  •  Module 9: Laying the groundwork for evaluation and making your case
  • Module 10: Staffing and daily operations
  • Module 11: Building and sustaining a vibrant community
  • Module 12: Next steps & wrap up
  • Group Discussion Session

Registration Deadline is September 30, 2022

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