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Overcome Barriers to Nonprofit Resource Sharing

By overcoming nonprofit leaders’ fears of failure and the risks of resource sharing, organizational dynamics should shift from “doing things right” to “doing the right things”.

In a world of overwhelming social problems and limited resources, nonprofits need to work differently. Resource sharing is a method to enable nonprofit leaders to get the business of running an ncn_ssg_2016_report_cover-weborganization done, while freeing up time and energy to focus on the mission. Yet, even when high quality, cost-effective services are available, many nonprofit staffs and boards choose not to participate in resource sharing. Why? We brought a group of leaders from across the US to help answer that question. What we learned is collaboration and change is hard – but does it need to be?

Download the Streamlining Social Good Overcoming Barriers to Nonprofit Resource Sharing report with recommendations for opening a dialogue. We look at:

  • Seven underlying reasons organizations resist resource sharing
  • How to demonstrate the benefits of sharing outweigh the costs
  • How organizational dynamics help or hinder efforts to encourage more sharing
  • Impacts of individual decision-making
  • Ways to motivate an individual or board resisting resource sharing

You’ll be prepared to move the discussion forward with a list of next steps and talking points. Resource sharing presents a new opportunity for the nonprofit sector to magnify it’s impact. Are you ready to work differently?

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