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Member Highlight: Arts Habitat

Being part of the decision-making process for Edmonton’s arts space development, Arts Habitat focuses on achieving a long-term impact by building strong relationships and working with others to share our knowledge and expertise. We support arts spaces that are welcoming, safe, and respectful of all and actively support the arts as a career path. We champion artistic craft, expression, and experience, which we believe is essential for a healthy community.

Arts Habitat leads in advocating for, building, and managing, appropriate and accessible spaces for the arts in Edmonton and area since 1996. We understand appropriate art spaces are essential to creating dynamic, sustainable, and entrepreneurial artistic communities that thrive. We actively support the arts as a chosen career path.

Accessible arts spaces are essential for a healthy community and the leadership we offer will create sustainable spaces for individual artists and arts organizations in the Edmonton area. It is a team effort and we welcome invitations to collaborate on projects with builders, developers, City Administration, other arts organizations, and creatives.

What are your favorite resources that you would recommend to others?

Our favourite resource is us! We continually add to our resource page on our website, educate ourselves on arts space, work with other entities that are out of the box thinkers so we can offer the best advice, advocacy, and expertise we can.
Whether building, renovating, leasing, or searching for arts space, Arts Hab is the resource for Edmonton creatives.

Location: Edmonton, Canada

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