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Member Highlight: Community Door

May 15, 2017 0

Community Door is the result of collective efforts of socially-focused agencies looking to combine resources and work together to better serve the community through a centralized social services location.  Not-for-profit members gain vital support as part of a collaborative team with other agencies that share a common vision for vital social service programs for area residents.  In turn, residents of the Peel region receive vital social resources that aim to help improve the quality of life and overall ease of service access.

Our Vision: to improve access to vital Human Services for individuals and families in the community.

What is an interesting fact about your space?

Community Door maintains the firm belief that the tools and means by which a Hub can most positively contribute to the community falls heavily on the financial credibility of the organization:  Community Door’s success in this area is due to our pragmatic functionality as a real estate organization:  we do not directly manage Human Services programs or services.   By continuously seeking and implementing best practices in operational excellence, cost containment and financial management, we continue to meet and even exceed tenant and funder needs and expectations, improving retention and creating greater demand for space within our centres.

What are your favorite resources that you would recommend to others?

NCN’s Publications (Thanks for the mention. Be sure to check out all the NCN resources)

Connect with Community Door:


Facebook: @communitydoorservicesnetwork

Twitter: @communitydoorSN

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