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Register Now for: Sharing Space in Sacred Places

This time of year we are reminded of the role religious institutions play in our communities.  Sacred spaces have long shared space with community benefit organizations but not always as part of an intentional strategy.  How can we better work with the religious institutions in our communities and tap into the unique resources and networks they have to offer?  Many older religious properties are in central locations, have excess space and are eager to generate more activity within their facilities.   
Join us as we hear from Tuomi Forest, Executive Vice President of Partners for Sacred Places about their work to create iSPi (“isp-ee”), an online hub for creative sacred placemaking.  iSPi matches sacred places and community partners so that they can share space, resources, and volunteers. These matches are based not only on a compatibility of space needs and square footage, but are also rooted in a marriage of mission and vision.
We hope you will share information on this webinar with your networks and will join us on January 15th!

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