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Sharing Innovation 2018!

NCN’s first Sharing Innovation event held October 2017, was a huge success! In fact, we had attendees at the event asking for the 2018 dates before they left. It’s official, the dates are October 3-4, 2018.

What made it such a success? Our presenters + engaged attendees. The ideas, brainstorming, and knowledge shared are pivoting centers across the country. You can watch a few videos of presentations on NCN’s YouTube channel.  Go ahead, get inspired. 

That’s pretty cool, right? If you’re working on solving complicated challenges in your community using shared space and services, tell us about it! You might get the chance to share your vision with other communities across North America. Get your application in by the deadline – midnight on April 12th!

NCN’s community is full of brilliant social changemakers. Sharing Innovation is our chance to give you the mic and inspire others who think the nonprofit sector should work differently. We want to speed up innovation in the way we do it best – sharing ideas.

You may be asking yourself “What does NCN mean by Innovation?”

Necessity is the mother of invention, and nonprofits work at the intersection of high need and scarce resources. Many of you have been sharing space long before coworking was cool, and now you’re taking it to the next level. Here are a few of the innovative ideas we’ve heard recently from our members 

  • Pairing county-owned real estate assets with real-life needs assessment data to create mini-service hubs
  • Laying the groundwork for future collaboration by launching a communications platform designed to build trust among nonprofits
  • Using an Open Source Community Software model (a kind of tech development co-op) to build custom software for shared intake leveraging small investments to make development possible (And maybe the recipe for the perfect room booking software too!) 
  • Powering a shared office suite with direct current from a rooftop solar array, retaining energy typically lost in transmission and conversion
  • Using shared space to break down barriers to navigating the world of veterans’ benefits to rapidly rehouse former service members experiencing homelessness.

You’re probably excited to get registered without even knowing who the 2018 presenters are. Who could blame you? 2017 was a seriously powerful event! Here’s the scoop on registration.  In May we will open registration with a mind-blowing early, early bird rate.

Even though the 2018 presenters haven’t been announced yet, we know you’re already excited to register. Who could blame you? 2017 was a seriously powerful event! Here’s the scoop. In May we will open registration with a mind-blowing early, early bird rate.

If travel isn’t in the cards for you we have you covered. Last year we gave live streaming a try and it was a high five success!  We’re bringing it back for 2018 so you can either watch at your desk, stay home in your PJ’s (we won’t judge) or host a watch party.  Oh ya, we said watch and party in the same sentence.

Details for all your viewing modes coming soon. Want to be sure you don’t miss a single Sharing Innovation Announcement? Sign-up to get your personal invite.

Watch a few video clips from Sharing Innovation 2017

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