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Nov 26th 18

Topics Below: Meeting Room Set-up Meeting Room Set-up   Ask-NCN 6/1/2017   Christine McCormick, 2506 LLC Our nonprofit center, Community Partners Center, is located in Colmar, PA, about 45 minutes from Philadelphia. We have a large conference room that is ...

Virtual Tours of Shared SpacesinCase Studies
Nov 28th 18

Commons on Champa Literacenter workspace and LitLounge

Oct 17th 18

Topics Below Signage Debates - Visibility of Tenant Organizations Welcome Presence for New/Established Centers   Online Resource Center Critical Considerations for Designing Today's Interior Spaces Vendors Static Signs Fastsigns - used by CT Nonprofit Center, ...

Digital Signage
RestroomsinOperating a Center
Oct 15th 18

Topics Below Gender-Neutral, Male/Female, Family Friendly Restroom Safety & Security Restrooms - Gender-Neutral, Male/Female, Family Friendly   From an Ask-NCN Discussion, 5/3/16     Dominic Lucchesi, The Brower Center, 5/3/16 With the recent events in North Carolina and elsewhere, ...

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Paying the Rent On TimeinMoney
Oct 15th 18

From an Ask-NCN Discussion, 5/11/16   Katie Edwards, The Nonprofit Centers Network We’ve gotten a request for more information about how centers collect fees on late rent payments. 1. Can you share your clause from your lease ...

Nursing - Pumping SpaceinOperating a Center
Oct 15th 18

Email if you have additional resources on this topic.   Space for Nursing Mothers to Pump Milk   From an Ask-NCN Discussion on 2/2/15   Hillary Brooks, David Brower Center A subtenant ED just submitted a ...

Event SpacesinOperating a Center
Oct 13th 18

Online Resource Center Policies for Public Room Rentals: NEW’s Conference Room Policies and Procedures, Detailed NEW’s Conference Room Policies and Procedures, 1 page Summary Room Rental Policies for the Community Resource Center of the ...

Conference RoomsinOperating a Center
Oct 12th 18

Topics Below Fee and Facilitating Conference Rooms Space   Ask-NCN Conversation 10.10.17   Debbie Shoemaker, Community Foundation of Southern Arizona I am helping an organization that is developing a new nonprofit community center. They are currently Developing their ...

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Shared Space EtiquetteinOperating a Center
Oct 11th 18

Discussions Below Room Booking Etiquette Strategy for Misuse of Space Behavior Modifications - Doing the Dishes Paying the Rent On Time Your Shared Values & Cleaning Expectations See also: Collaboration and Getting Along   Room Booking Etiquette ...

Room Booking
Staffing StructuresinBuilding Management
Oct 11th 18

Salary and Staffing in Shared Spaces NCN State of the Sector Survey Report 2015 I Managing Collaboration: Salary and Staffing in Shared Spaces Topics Below Foundation Support for Nonprofit Center Manager Staffing and After Hours Management ...