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October 21-22, 2015
Denver, CO

NCN’s two-day Nonprofit Centers Boot Camp is designed to bring your shared space to life by fusing the basics of real estate management with organizational collaboration. This training will provide you with a roadmap. Learn the nuts and bolts of setting up a mission-driven business model. Gain insights into collaborative governance structures. Better understand the physical elements that make a shared work environment thrive. Be inspired to cultivate and care for your shared space community. At the close of this two-day intensive, walk away prepared to fulfill your vision.

Day 1- Shared Space Fundamentals: Are you new to the now that is shared work space? This fast-paced introductory course provides a basic overview of the development and considerations of creating a nonprofit center. Topics related to cultivating a successful shared space will be covered, including: an introduction to shared services; planning & visioning; partnership development; real estate considerations; ownership and governance models; and financing and fundraising. Case studies will help to make these key elements tangible. Participants will access tools and resources that can bring their projects to life.


Facilitated by: Lara Jakubowski, Executive Director & Katie Edwards, Associate Director at Nonprofit Centers Network (NCN)

Day 2- Community Animator Training

Titles may vary – office manager, community animator, shared space facilitator, host, executive director – but basic job descriptions are the same. Those at the helm of a coworking or shared work environment need to ensure these places run smoothly. And that takes a lot. What’s more, this front- facing position is charged with making a positive impact on the broader community on behalf of the space. Whew!  This workshop will equip you to knock your BIG job out of the park by digging into the two dimensions of your role:  Managing the Physical Space to Build Community and Maximizing Member Connections & Engagement. Whether you’re the face of a start-up, a mature work space, or anywhere in between this workshop is designed for you.

Facilitated by: Megan Devenport, Program Manager, Denver Shared Spaces and Amy Rosenblum, principal & founder, Cultivation Center, LLC.

Boot Camp Participants Will Walk Away With:

  • A firm grasp on the nuts and bolts required to develop and operate a nonprofit shared space;
  • A detailed project roadmap;
  • A network of support within the shared space community;
  • A toolbox, and actionable items, to ignite connection & engagement at their shared space.

Who should attend this training:

  • Anyone planning a center
  • New staff members at existing shared spaces
  • People interested in funding shared space (foundations or corporations)
  • Executive Directors, COOs, or CFOs, interested in maximizing the use of their current facilities
  • People interested in supporting collaboration and sparking connections

Registration and Location Details:

Early registration ends on Oct 01, 2015.
Regular registration starts on Oct 02, 2015 and ends on Oct 21, 2015. 
Late registration starts on Oct 22, 2015.

NCN Member early bird – $150.00
NCN Member early bird – 2 days $275.00
NCN Member – $175.00
NCN Member – 2 days $325.00
Non-member early bird – $200.00
Non-member early bird – 2 days $375.00
Non-member – $225.00
Non-member – 2 days $400.00

Training Location:
The Alliance Center, 1st floor training room
1536 Wynkoop Street
Denver, CO 80202

In collaboration with:

Nonprofit Centers Network

1536 Wynkoop Avenue, Suite 103
Denver, CO 80202

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