Planning a Shared Space

Planning Shared Spaces

If you’re getting started planning your shared space, these resources will be the most beneficial to you.


Case Studies


Making the Case



Timeline of a Nonprofit Center Development (Third Sector New England)

Checklist for an Environmentally Responsible Design and Construction

Facility Projects: Planning for Success

NCN’s Needs Assessment Tool Kit

Rigour: How to Create World-Changing Spaces

Colocation of Services Project

Colorado Collaborative for Nonprofits: Leading Change in Shared Spaces (Denver Shared Spaces)

Holding Entities – NCN Guest Blog “Real Estate Strategies for Nonprofits and Communities”

For additional resources, head to our ORC and click on the category “Planning and Development”


Mission and Vision






US Tax Exemption and Charitable Status


Canada Revenue Authority


Partner and Tenant Recruitment


Capital Campaigns



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