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Nada Zohdy, OpenGov Hub, 2/4/16
We’ve been hand delivering mail to each person’s desk, but this has been very inefficient so we’re looking to install mailboxes and just wondering if anyone has taken any creative/interesting approaches beyond just traditional mailbox slots.

How do you handle mail in your center? Any creative approaches? Pictures welcome!

Dustin Barrington, HNS Life Center, 2/4/16
Not to be a Scrooge, but we chose not to be “creative” to avoid issues by making each organization responsible for their own mail.

We purchased a USPS approved, front loading ‘18box – 2 package’ horizontal mailbox cluster with a cabinet style enclosure through Salsbury Industries. Their URL is<>

We then registered each tenant suite separately with the local building department and US Post office.

We placed our cluster in a warm lobby for the convenience of our tenants but found later that the USPS delivery schedule did not always line up with our regular business and therefore deliveries were missed. We recently relocated it outside in the cold…

We wish that we had picked a cluster option that had slots in the doors to each box so that tenants could also use this to communicate with each other…

I hope that is a useful angle to consider.

Angela Baldrige, The Plantory, 2/5/16
We just use a big filing cabinet with folders for each of our members. It sits by the front desk. We put their mail in their folders and they check them at their convenience. We leave packages at their locations or put a note in their file folder if it needs to be picked up at the front desk.

Erin Prefontaine, Jerry Forbes Centre Foundation, 2/5/16
We’re in the operations planning stage for our new home and are leaning toward making each organization responsible for their own mail as well.

When we forecast the potential volume and issues of delivering it in-house, a good option looks like a mailbox cluster.

We will also be dealing with very cold winter weather, and possible delivery scheduling so will have to see what options are available via Canada Post.

I’d love to hear more on what other organizations with a distinct winter season and delivery scheduling conflicts are doing.

Cheryl, Artspace Inc., 2/5/16
We’re located in Winnipeg, and have pretty frigid winters as well.

We have a standard mailbox cluster located inside our building lobby for regular mail deliveries from Canada Post, which our members are responsible for. We also have an internal mailroom on the 4th floor in our shared-use copy centre (which includes copying, scanning, postage meter, etc.). Any packages/courier deliveries are received by our office admin staff and are placed in the mail room for our members to pick up. All our members have keys to the internal mail room so they can access their deliveries at any hour.

James Thomson, New Path Foundation, 2/5/16
At both of our shared space locations we have a back office behind our reception desk that houses the mail slots for each respective organization. As mail is delivered to our reception staff directly (one point of contact), they in turn place mail in the respective mail slot for each organization. The organization in turn is responsible for checking the mail slot on a frequent basis (they have a key to access this room). If packages are delivered (UPS, Purolator, etc.), our reception staff signs for the delivery and then directly notifies the organization that there is a pick up waiting; the package is placed in the back office on a counter awaiting pick up.

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Elin Ross, Federated Charities
We have a co-work space within our larger multi-tenant space and I’m wondering how everyone handles the physical mailbox when you’re dealing with a co-work/shared space situation. Does all the mail come to a single box and you sort it for your co-work tenants? Something else?

Andy Neal, STAR Center
At The STAR Center, we invested in a larger multi box unit that attaches to the wall in the entryway. Each occupant has their own receptacle.

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