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Meeting Room Set-up

Meeting Room Set-up


Ask-NCN 6/1/2017


Christine McCormick, 2506 LLC
Our nonprofit center, Community Partners Center, is located in Colmar, PA, about 45 minutes from Philadelphia. We have a large conference room that is used daily for our tenants and nonprofits. Our current provider for meeting rooms setups is no longer available as of 7/1/17. The tables are heavy and require two people to set them up. The meeting room has configurations like U shaped, classroom, groups and others. We are looking for other providers and/or tables that are easier to set up. Any ideas?


Shelby Bradbury, Sierra Health Foundation

We have lightweight rolling/folding tables and stackable chairs for our meeting rooms. The orgs are responsible for setting their meetings and resetting the room (to a standard hollow square configuration). They are easy to move around and they look nice. The electrical outlet is rarely ever used.
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