Types of Fundraising

Capital Campaigns

Building Blocks for Success: Joint Capital Campaigns
Partner Agreement for Joint Capital Campaign: Al Sigl Center
Partner Agreement for Joint Capital Campaigns: Charles E. Lakin Human Services Center
Partner Resolution for Joint Capital Campaigns: Children and Family Services Center
A Nonprofit Space Odyssey – A Capital Projects Primer


Annual Fundraising

NCN Webinar: Filling the Gap – Raising Operating Funds


Fundraising Templates

Case Statements

cSpace King Edward: This beautifully designed brochure expresses the case statement for cSpace King Edward, an arts focused shared space that is rennovating a 100 year old sandstone school in Calgary, Alberta. (Shortlink:


Wood Buffalo Community Village: This six-page document makes the case for supporting the Wood Buffalo Community Village. Although the space closed in 2014 due to inability to find suitable space to move to, this case stament highlights several strong arguments for donating to a nonprofit center. (Shortlink:


J. Walter Cameron Center This case statement was developed for the capital campaign for the J. Walter Cameron Center, a human services center in Maui, Hawaii, and is now being used as a supporting document for other fundraising efforts.(Shortlink:


The David Brower Center This 3 page case statement describes the history, mission, space usage, accomplishments, and remaining financial needs of the David Brower Center, which houses organizations focused on the environment and social justice.

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