Evaluation Project


In 2017, The Nonprofit Centers Network partnered with Vantage Evaluation to work with NCN members on evaluating their space. From logic models, to pinpointing what information they were looking to gather, to effective survey questions, NCN members worked together through webinars, small groups, one-on-one meetings and homework assignments to reach their goals. Here are the webinars, tools used and a sampling of the participants’ results.

*Please note that some of the participants were unable to completely finish the projects at the end of the course due to conflicting timelines at their center. They documented their plans moving forward for NCN, and we will post those as they become available.


Evaluation Project Webinars

Webinar 1: Focusing on Evaluation
Webinar 2: Survey Questions
Webinar 3: Qualitative Methods

NCN Webinar: The Evaluation Project Recap (following the Community of Practice Course, to present to the wider NCN community)


Participants’ Projects and Results

Participants’ Logic Models
Key Evaluation Questions
Qualitative Guides
Survey Results: Sobrato Family Foundation
Survey Results: Rose Andom Center


See more resources and handouts provided by Vantage Evaluation during The Evaluation Project here.

See more about evaluation: Measuring Impact

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