Kukui Children's Center, Honolulu HI

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The Kukui Center in Honolulu, Hawaii has served thousands of children and families since opening in 2009 through the power of collaboration. Ten agencies are cooperatively co-located to provide a spectrum of services to clients, greatly enhancing services and collaboration. Workshops and trainings are provided to staff, boards and clients of all the tenants, eliminating duplication and increasing available resources.


One of the Kukui Center’s signature collaborative efforts is the Community Partners Program, which connects resident agencies with in-kind and volunteer support from over fifty service clubs, businesses, and individuals in the area. All partners in the Kukui Center participate in strategic planning sessions to look to the future and find new ways to work together. Shared marketing efforts raise awareness in the community through brochures, newsletters, marketing videos, and the Kukui Center website.


Check out Kukui Center’s marketing video!  https://youtu.be/hv4ih9R0-Dg

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