ATMs for Nonprofit Centers


From an Ask-NCN Discussion 9/21/16


Deeter Schurig, cSpace
We’re beginning our search into ATM’s as a possible revenue source and convenience for visitors to our arts hub. As our centre is several blocks from a commercial area, we thought providing the option for cash for visitor might warrant consideration as well as another revenue source to support our cost recovery operations.

My question is whether anyone has an any advice, concerns or recommended vendors when it comes to ATM in their multi tenant centre? Are there companies that are supportive of NPO missions and keep fees reasonable? Are there installation, security, or management concerns related to these units?


Annette Paiement, The Cotton Factory
We do use an ATM. We have had to carefully monitor as there has been a situation where the ATM wasn’t filled with money, it was giving an out of order message, however taking $2.00 from our clients bank accounts.

It is an amazing add to the building as there is not a bank or ATM anywhere within walking distance of our facility.


Jimmy Martin, Chicago Literacy Alliance

What’s the process for partnering with a company/bank to have one installed?


Annette Paiement

I just reached out directly to a private ATM company. They had two different agreements which I could choose from. We did not want to purchase a machine as it was not in our budget, so we choose an option where they paid us a percentage of each transaction. We also decided to keep this percentage minimal as we did not want to take advantage of our tenants. Having a service to provide them was of greater importance.

I have a questions for everyone, can you provide me with any feedback you have around facility security. Specifically, what is your procedure for after hour emergencies. Who do your coworkers call? Do you use an answering service? Do you pay an on call staff person to deal with after hour concerns.

Would love to hear from anyone who has feedback as we build our policies and procedures.


Jenny Camhi, Leichtag Foundation

My husband is the ATM business. If you have any questions about the revenue a machine can bring in or the best way to set up a machine, please don’t hesitate to call ATM Depot and ask for Jeremy Camhi. Please let him know you are a colleague of mine. They are based here in Encinitas, CA, but they service machines all over the US; (760) 512-4124

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