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New Models of Shared Spaces

February 29, 2016 by Lara Jakubowski0

Two great shared space centers have come across my desk recently.  We hear about new centers all the time, but these struck me because of their unique missions:

Startup Boat – How can shared space play a positive role in the European immigrant crisis?  I read this article from Officing Today and learned about (also on Facebook).  What a great way to use the power of coworking and shared space to bring together those with resources to help, with those immigrants in need of jobs, training and help getting businesses started.  What other areas can we apply our shared space/shared resource model?  I’d be interested in your thoughts.

View an In Depth tour of the planned site of the Women View an In Depth tour of the planned site of the Women’s Building in Manhattan

Women’s Building –  Here’s a great video I found out about through my predecessor, Sarah Eisinger, about the Women’s Building in New York City.  This project is under development by the NoVo Foundation to re-purpose a former women’s prison into a hub for women’s advocacy organizations.  Pamela Shifman, Novo’s Executive Director, points out that the building will enable women’s organizations to connect with peer organizations on a local or national basis through a “vertical neighborhood.”  What a great way to describe shared spaces!  The Women’s Building will be a place where “change is happening, ” as it harkens back to the women who served time in solitary confinement within its walls, that will now house forward-looking service providers who will be working on alternatives to incarceration.   They are looking to complete the renovations of this project by prioritizing vendors (architects, contractors etc) with women (and especially women of color) in leadership roles.


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Lara is the Executive Director at the Nonprofit Centers Network and has worked with nonprofits and their real estate projects for 18 years. Most recently she was the principal in LWJ Consulting LLC, a consulting practice that focused on shared space, shared services, business planning, facility planning and fundraising. Since 2006 she has worked with over forty Metro Denver nonprofits to evaluate and grow their impact in the community.

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