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Here Comes the Sun

June 3, 2019 by Leena Waite0

It’s been a long winter in Denver…and yes, I know it’s June! But within my son’s last 2 weeks of school, it snowed at least 3 inches, and we received an epic middle of the night hail storm. My plants were already struggling to grow even before they were pummeled. But finally, the sun is peaking out, and it’s beginning to warm up. New growth is around the corner, and I can taste sandal weather.

It seems nonprofits and local leaders are coming out of hibernation as well lately. NCN has seen quite the uptick of people inquiring about our services, joining our network, considering building spaces or wanting to learn more about shared services.  What gives?

Here is some of what we’ve been hearing lately:

  • One funder has been around nonprofits for a long time, first as a volunteer and more as a full time gig the past 10-15 years. The repeated stories of well-established nonprofits not having the space they need have built up over the years, and she’s decided – this is an issue I can do something about. She’s on her way with Virtual Boot Camp.
  • Another currently offers fiscal sponsorship and legal services to nonprofits in multiple cities and recently partnered with a co-working space to offer their services and programming, to test the waters of physical space. We love this community and service aspect they are adding. Yet, they are hearing more from nonprofits about the additional needs that co-working doesn’t always offer – storage, event space, and more meeting rooms.
  • Co-working spaces have shown one organization what prime office space is like. As they reach out to hear the needs of their community, take Virtual Boot Camp and determine who and what a future space might house, they realize the perks of quality space (like wifi that works) and how great that would be for them and others on a permanent basis. We always hear of functional, inspiring spaces building employee morale, retainment and pride in hosting funders.
  • One of our members keeps coming up on google searches as people across the country look for a model hub. They often email her with these words, “When I saw your website, it’s exactly what I want to create in our community!” And when they explore their website in further detail, their wellness program sparks an unexpected, yet welcome idea for their future plans.
  • Finally, our Rethinking Overhead: Daring to Share Resources publication and course (and preview webinar) has piqued the interest of US and Canadian governments, funders, nonprofit centers and community leaders, as they each explore next steps towards additional sharing in their communities.

What’s on your plate in the nonprofit sharing economy world? Or what are you considering? Something is clearly in the water, waiting to bloom, and this sector is growing in smarter ways. We’d love to hear from you, connect you to our community, and move you closer to your goal! Sometimes we just need that ray of sunshine to push us along.  Email us at


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About Our Blogger:

Leena Waite

Leena coordinates and executes many of NCN’s consulting projects, helping clients find innovative and practical solutions to their nonprofit challenges through shared resources, after spending 3 years as the Member & Program Coordinator. Before NCN, Leena worked with nonprofits focused on healthy food access and church ministry. She also holds degrees in music and continues to perform and freelance in the Denver area.

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