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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Creating a positive work environment can sometimes be a challenge when dealing with the day to day stresses of your own work. But letting the little issues build up in a shared space is a detriment to all involved. Here are a few documents to let you know you are not alone, why it is important to address the little things, and how to accomplish that in a manner that builds everyone up.


Online Resource Center

NCN Webinar I The Collaboration Project: Tested Strategies to Build Collaboration in Shared Spaces

NCN’s Collaboration Project Publication
NCN Blog Post: 5 Tips for Building Your Shared Space Community Online
NCN Webinar | Authentic Tenant Engagement – What Works?
NCN – Building Blocks for Success – Building a Vibrant Tenant Community

Ask-NCN Live Blog Re-cap: Collaboration

NCN Blog Post: The Hierarchy of Needs of Tenant Partners in Shared Space


From Denver Shared Spaces’ Blog Entries: Lessons from the Brain Trust

March 2016 – To Policy or Not to Policy? (which includes this reference document as well)
April 2016 – Why Can’t You Just Act Right?
May 2016 – Building Trust in Your Center: A 3×3 Strategy


Building a stronger, livelier, and united community, see these pages:

Community Events – Themes & Strategies – for both within your shared space and outside with your community
Equitable, Inclusive Shared Spaces
Community Animation
Partnership Cultivation and Facilitation (Icebreakers)


Other hot topics:

Tenant Recruitment and Selection
Room Booking Etiquette

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