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What and Why:

Taken from a Nonprofit Quarterly Article

“I believe that values are the starting point of an organization, the fundamental foundation, the critical framework….A value is an enduring belief that a specific mode of conduct is personally or socially preferable to another. Think of this as a shared code for behaving and operating. A value possesses intrinsic worth, desirability, and utility to the individual or group. That’s why shared values are the most critical element for building any type of community. And your organization is a community.” – Simone P. Joyaux

Nonprofit Centers with Values Statements:

(email if you have any that are not listed here!)

Catalyst – Long Beach, CA

Centre for Social Innovation – Toronto, ON & New York, NY

Foundation House PAGE 15 – Toronto, ON

The Jefferson Avenue Center (as part of their lease) – Columbus, OH

Posner Center for International Development – Denver, CO

Social Innovation St. Louis – St. Louis, MO

The Lab – San Francisco, CA

The Plantory – Lexington, KY

Rainier Valley Corps – Seattle, WA

The Lab’s Vision & Values

The Lab is a coworking space filled with social change makers, non-profits, and visionaries coming together to create synergistic relationships, be inspired by each other, and network for greater social change.

We hope you feel inspired to collaborate, network, share, and uplift our growing community through office sharing, open space coworking, social meet & greets, and skill share events. We welcome your ideas and are happy to talk about anything you think might enhance The Lab experience.


Guiding Principles



We recognize, embrace, and value our differences. We believe that everyone should be treated with respect and dignity; our diversity and unique perspectives are integral to the culture of The Lab and to our commitment to putting people and planet first. We also know that everyone needs to be part of the solution. (Adapted from CSI, Toronto, Canada)



We are dedicated to fostering clear, open, honest communication both creating understanding for the other while expressing honesty in a way that owns our experience and minimizes blame or judgment. We have the courage and strength to speak up when we see contradictions or inconsistencies between our behavior and our stated values and goals and are able to take feedback when given.


Through tolerance, generosity, sharing, and compassion, we work cooperatively with one another. When appropriate, we place the interests of the entire office ahead of our own self-interests. We also value and trust that office members will speak their needs if there are special requests over building up silent resentment and anger. We anticipate that there will be unmet needs by some and we hope that there can be understanding around decisions being made.

Knowing that our office is fueled by the energy we give it, we actively participate in office life. We agree to share in office well being and keeping its contents looking and feeling good and safe. We quickly communicate when something is broken to its owner and take responsibility (financially or otherwise) to fix the item.



We recognize our interdependence with the building, other office members, event producers and ourselves. Our office supports an extended collaborative environment, thereby creating a sense of belonging. We support the growth of each organization individually and the relationships amongst us.

We respect personal privacy. We respect diversity in ideology, spirituality, interests, sexuality, talents, beliefs, opinions, race, age, income and we welcome respectful and appropriate expressions of that diversity within a professional environment.

Creating co-working space is an ongoing process. We remain flexible to change.



Our office is a safe place — physically and interpersonally. Everyone contributes to the safety of the space by staying emotionally clear with each member of the community, staying conscious of the space and the people we bring to the office, and upholding the values of the office as our core principles.

The Plantory Values Statement

The members of the Plantory are committed to using fairness, transparency, respect, and flexibility to guide their work and interaction. The Plantory seeks to go beyond cooperation to a place of true collaboration and innovation in our joint pursuit of our social missions. We are working together to foster a physical environment, as well as a social and psychological environment. Everyone needs to feel welcome, com- fortable and empowered. It is our shared commitment to work towards creating this safe space wherever and however possible.To that end, we ask all of our members to carefully read and consider our community agreement before signing.


Community Agreement

1. We agree to actively maintain and contribute to a safe, positive, welcoming, and inclusive environment, recognizing that safety and inclusion take different forms for different people. We agree to be as considerate as possible to the experience of other Plantory members, staff, and guests.

2. We agree to respect and actively listen to others, openly and honestly engage with the community, and consider views that are different from ours, even if it is difficult to do so. We will not prosthelytize our views through words or actions, but will engage in an authentic exchange with everyone.

3. When we disagree with a person or an idea, we will respectfully do so. Disagreements will be approached with the appropriate people in the proper time and place. We agree to be solutions-focused, and to recognize that discomfort and disagreement help us learn and grow together.

4. We agree that equity pertains to all people with NO exceptions, and agree to respect and welcome all people without prosthelytizing.

The Jefferson Avenue Center – Clause in their lease

The Culture of the Campus:

The Jefferson Avenue Center is very proud of the spirit of generosity and support that has been fostered on the campus over the last 43 years. Our buildings are historic and perhaps a bit quirky, and common space is shared with other nonprofit organizations. We insist that all staff and board members, as well as volunteers and interns, are thoughtful, courteous, and respectful of the neighbors and the property. Being mindful that temperature controls, parking places, and alarm systems impact others, we ask that you commit to the practice of thoughtful neighborliness. The JAC staff is always available to facilitate conversations and seek solutions to any issue that may arise. Our mission is to serve the community of nonprofit organizations who do good works on Jefferson Avenue each day by maintaining the historic properties, caring for the landscaped grounds, and nurturing the spirit of collaboration.

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