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Community Animator, CSI Annex
Community Catalyzer – Tides
Communications Coordinator from the Community Learning Commons in Saskatoon, SK
Program Manager for Tides
Program Manager – Part Time from Third Sector New England


Example MOU/Agreement for Interns/Volunteers/Community Animators?


From Ask-NCN 9/8/2017


Nada Zohdy, OpenGov Hub
I recently mentioned that here at the Open Gov Hub in Washington, DC we’re about to pilot our own volunteer/work-trade program, called our Community Catalyst Program.


Is anyone willing to share an example MOU or agreement you have with your volunteers/interns and/or Community Animator-type roles like this one?

(I looked at the NCN member resource directory but couldn’t find any).

For example, we’d like to include a contract provision that requires 2 weeks notice if they decide to end the position early (like any other job), but aren’t sure what else to include.

Any examples much appreciated!


Katie Edwards, The Nonprofit Centers Network
Your question jogged my memory about a really interesting intern job description and job description from Michaell Rose at Hoag Hospital that lays out a lot of details in their policies. It’s not the same scope of work as a Community Animator, but there might be components that you can borrow.

Also, take a look at The Plantory’s Internship and Vista job descriptions. Most of their center’s staffing is done with volunteers, interns, and Vistas:

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