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What do you Charge?

Best Printer/Printing Company

What do you Charge?

Ask-NCN 3/2/2017


Jenny Camhi, Leichtag Foundation
We are in the process of transitioning from a free space to a paid center. Up until now, we have offered unlimited free printing. We have now implemented a system to keep track of people’s printing and have told everyone that the first 500 prints are free, but after that we will bill. What do you all charge (if at all) for printing?


Bria Brown, Community Shares of Wisconsin
We have a couple of types of membership but for one:


  • Per copy cost – Black & White $0.06 each, Color $0.12 each.

And for the other:


  • Per copy cost – Black & White $0.08 each, Color $0.25 each.


For both, they have a printer code and we send an invoice monthly.


Lillian Gutierrez, The Alliance Voice of Community Nonprofits
We charge the following:
Copy/Print/Fax Costs:
0.05 Black and White per print/copy/fax cost (faxing out no cost)
0.10 Color print/copy/fax cost (faxing out no cost)


Kim McNamer, Consultant
Our copy prices were low. I can’t fully recall exactly what they were because the couple centers we had were priced slightly different, but I think they were no more than $0.5 for black and white and $0.10 color. They didn’t get any freebies, but we bought all the reams of white paper for the leased machines.


Nada Zohdy, OpenGov Hub
We literally just went through this process 🙂 We charge $15 per month per person for unlimited black and white copies/prints and 20 color copies/prints per person per month. Then any additional color pages are charged at 5 cents per page (which is the actual rate we pay).


Mike Gilbert, The Jones Trust
We pass through the cost of all copies. We are .03 for b/w and .07 color


Marc Kondrup, Midland Shared Spaces
We charge per click: $.05 for b/w, and $.13 for color. That covers the click cost + maintenance agreement charge + all paper for the two shared machines.


Diana Higuerra, Aurora Welcome Center
We charge:

Black and White: $0.009/copy
Color: $0.10
But it also depends on how much is the cost to you.

Best Printer/Printing Company

Ask-NCN 4/21/2017

Champagne Huges, The Flight Deck
We’re looking for printing company and looking for referrals. We’d like to have a printer that is suitable for our co-working space, handles bulk printing, and can code (for tracking prints for different companies).

If you can, can you let us know if you’re renting your printer? Did you buy it? If so, how much does it cost? Also, are you charging your co-workers per print or is it a part of their membership?
Details are highly requested but not required. 🙂

Diana Higuerra, Aurora Welcome Center
We went from a konica-minolta, which was good to a Kyocera that is working great for us. We decided to get our leasing from a local vendor that has great service and the response time on ink and others is 1 day.

We give our tenants a number of free copies black and white, depending on the square footage they occupy. For the extra copies they pay $0.009/copy. Color copies are $0.10/copy. Some of the leasing companies give you the first 10,000/month for free. We are currently paying for what we make.

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