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MailinBuilding and Physical Aspects
Oct 11th 18

From an Ask-NCN Discussion Nada Zohdy, OpenGov Hub, 2/4/16 We've been hand delivering mail to each person's desk, but this has been very inefficient so we're looking to install mailboxes and just wondering if anyone has ...

KitchensinOperating a Center
Oct 11th 18

Topics Below Shared Kitchen Etiquette Repurposing Kitchen Query How To Be a Shared Kitchen Pro - from The Alliance Center Fork Forage - from The Alliance Center See also: Behavior Modifications - Doing the Dishes   ...

Allocating Shared Services CostsinBuilding Management
Oct 11th 18

From an Ask-NCN Discussion Katie Edwards, Nonprofit Centers Network, 2/3/15 Another member question came across my desk, and I want to make sure I have up-to-date information to share. Would you be willing to share your ...

CoffeeinOperating a Center
Oct 11th 18

NCN Blog Entry: What's Your Coffee Culture? Topics Below Coffee for Small Spaces Coffee for Large Spaces   Coffee for Small Spaces   From an Ask-NCN Discussion Jenny Camhi, Leichtag Foundation, 1/4/16 Here is a very deep question ...

Back Office ServicesinOperating a Center
Sep 28th 18

Resources NCN Webinar I Back Office Alternatives: What You Need to Know About Shared Services See NCN Shared Services Publications here.   Topics Below Pricing for Back Office Services Shared Services Costs Mailboxes/Mail Delivery Printing ...

ATMs for Nonprofit CentersinOperating a Center
Sep 28th 18

From an Ask-NCN Discussion 9/21/16   Deeter Schurig, cSpace We're beginning our search into ATM's as a possible revenue source and convenience for visitors to our arts hub. As our centre is several blocks from a commercial ...

Shared Services ResourcesinShared Resources - Space and Services
Sep 28th 18

Online Resource Center NCN Webinar I Let's Talk Shared Services: Rethinking Overhead Overview NCN Blog Entry | 5 Benefits to Shared Services NCN Webinar I Streamlining Social Good: Social Science and Resource Sharing Shared Services in the ...

Safety and SecurityinOperating a Center
Sep 28th 18

Resources   Free Trainings NCN Webinar - Security and Your Center: Safe Shared Spaces (from American Red Cross) (from the US Government)   Paid Trainings Alice Training (Alert Lockdown Inform Counter ...

Policies - Visitation and AccessibilityinOperating a Center
Sep 27th 18

From an Ask-NCN Discussion 9/28/16 Christopher Bowyer, Alliance for Sustainable Colorado Over the past several months we have been making some modifications to our security and accessibility procedures and processes. One piece that has resulted is ...

Conflict of Interest PolicyinOperating a Center
Sep 27th 18

Online Resource Center The Jefferson Avenue Center   Please email if you have a Conflict of Interest Policy that you would be willing to share. Thanks!   Centers with Tenants on their Board of ...

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