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Nursing - Pumping SpaceinOperating a Center
Oct 15th 18

Email if you have additional resources on this topic.   Space for Nursing Mothers to Pump Milk   From an Ask-NCN Discussion on 2/2/15   Hillary Brooks, David Brower Center A subtenant ED just submitted a ...

Partnership Cultivation and Facilitation ActivitiesinBuilding Collaboration and Partnerships
Sep 18th 18

Resources NCN Webinar I The Collaboration Project: Tested Strategies to Build Collaboration in Shared Spaces NCN Blog Post: 5 Tips for Building Your Shared Space Community Online NCN Webinar | Authentic Tenant Engagement - What Works? Give/...

Foundations and Shared SpacesinOperating a Center
Sep 18th 18

Community Foundations Funding Shared Spaces Makato Area Foundation Marin Community Foundation Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation Santa Fe Community ...

Tenant Council and Advisory GroupsinGetting Started
Sep 13th 18

Online Resource Center Documents The Common Roof Partner Meetings - Terms of Reference Tramway Summary Report Recommendations include the execution of two MOUs as well as guidance on how best to staff and manage the ...

Advisory Groups
Tenant Council
Community Events - Themes & StrategiesinBuilding Collaboration and Partnerships
Sep 18th 18

Topics Below: Community Building Ideas Community Events Strategy For more about the physical space and what to charge, head here. Community Building Ideas   From an Ask-NCN Discussion: This document was compiled by Heather Quinn Gage ...

Values StatementsinGetting Started
Sep 18th 18

What and Why: Taken from a Nonprofit Quarterly Article "I believe that values are the starting point of an organization, the fundamental foundation, the critical framework....A value is an enduring belief that a specific ...

The Growing Pains of Vacant SpaceinGetting Started
Sep 18th 18

By Lara Jakubowski September 14, 2015 I recently completed a consulting engagement for a client on tenant recruitment in a nonprofit shared space center. As the centers in our network mature, more are going through the growing ...

Tenants - Hierarchy of NeedsinGetting Started
Sep 18th 18

The Hierarchy of Needs of Tenant Partners in Shared Spaces Katie Edwards October 12, 2015 Are you doing all you can to help your space meet its mission? I often talk to center managers who are frustrated ...

Rental Costs - How to Sell ItinGetting Started
Sep 17th 18

Online Resource Center Facility Rental Fee and Insurance Information Facility Rental Policies Nonprofit Overhead Cost Project | Getting What We Pay For: Low Overhead Limits Nonprofit Effectiveness (Urban Institute Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy) Topics Below: "...

Above Market
Sharing Benefits
Anchor TenantsinGetting Started
Sep 17th 18

By Katie Edwards, Nonprofit Centers Network When we work on feasibility studies for new centers, we like to see 2-3 tenant prospects that are financially stable, established in the community, and need a substantial amount ...

Anchor Tenants