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Oct 17th 18

Topics Below Signage Debates - Visibility of Tenant Organizations Welcome Presence for New/Established Centers Online Resource Center Critical Considerations for Designing Today's Interior Spaces Vendors Static Signs Fastsigns - used by CT Nonprofit Center, ...

Digital Signage
RestroomsinOperating a Center
Oct 15th 18

Topics Below Gender-Neutral, Male/Female, Family Friendly Restroom Safety & Security Restrooms - Gender-Neutral, Male/Female, Family Friendly   From an Ask-NCN Discussion, 5/3/16     Dominic Lucchesi, The Brower Center, 5/3/16 With the recent events in North Carolina and elsewhere, ...

All Gender
Event SpacesinMoney
Oct 13th 18

Topics Below More to come....  What to Charge for Program Space Equipment Needed Furnishings - Chairs After Hour Pricing for Venue Rentals Email if you have anything for the topics below: Operating ...

Conference RoomsinOperating a Center
Oct 12th 18

Topics Below Fee and Facilitating Conference Rooms Space   Ask-NCN Conversation 10.10.17   Debbie Shoemaker, Community Foundation of Southern Arizona I am helping an organization that is developing a new nonprofit community center. They are currently Developing their ...

Meeting Space
Shared Space EtiquetteinOperating a Center
Oct 11th 18

Discussions Below Room Booking Etiquette Strategy for Misuse of Space Behavior Modifications - Doing the Dishes Paying the Rent On Time Your Shared Values & Cleaning Expectations See also: Collaboration and Getting Along   Room Booking Etiquette ...

Room Booking
Staffing StructuresinBuilding Management
Oct 11th 18

Salary and Staffing in Shared Spaces NCN State of the Sector Survey Report 2015 I Managing Collaboration: Salary and Staffing in Shared Spaces Topics Below Foundation Support for Nonprofit Center Manager Staffing and After Hours Management ...

MailinBuilding and Physical Aspects
Oct 11th 18

From an Ask-NCN Discussion Nada Zohdy, OpenGov Hub, 2/4/16 We've been hand delivering mail to each person's desk, but this has been very inefficient so we're looking to install mailboxes and just wondering if anyone has ...

KitchensinOperating a Center
Oct 11th 18

Topics Below Shared Kitchen Etiquette Repurposing Kitchen Query How To Be a Shared Kitchen Pro - from The Alliance Center Fork Forage - from The Alliance Center See also: Behavior Modifications - Doing the Dishes   ...

Allocating Shared Services CostsinBuilding Management
Oct 11th 18

From an Ask-NCN Discussion Katie Edwards, Nonprofit Centers Network, 2/3/15 Another member question came across my desk, and I want to make sure I have up-to-date information to share. Would you be willing to share your ...

CoffeeinOperating a Center
Oct 11th 18

NCN Blog Entry: What's Your Coffee Culture? Topics Below: Coffee for Small Spaces Coffee for Large Spaces   Coffee for Small Spaces   From an Ask-NCN Discussion Jenny Camhi, Leichtag Foundation, 1/4/16 Here is a very deep question ...