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Ethics and ConfidentialityinGovernance
Dec 4th 18

Topics Below Ethics Issue Confidentiality Agreements See also Values Statements   Ethics Issue Ask-NCN Conversation 10.30.17   Patricia Woroch, Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia We have a number of tenants, both other NGO's and private businesses, in ...

Staffing StructuresinOperating a Center
Oct 24th 18

Salary and Staffing in Shared Spaces NCN State of the Sector Survey Report 2015 I Managing Collaboration: Salary and Staffing in Shared Spaces Topics Below Foundation Support for Nonprofit Center Manager Staffing and After Hours Management ...

Job Description
Childrens & Family Services Center, Charlotte, NCinCase Studies
Nov 30th 18

Children & Family Services Center Website   Mission: Improving lives of children and families through an innovative partnership of community resources that promotes strong families and advocates for change.   Center Info: CFSC houses 9 nonprofit organizations. They started ...

The Wellness Center at Historic General Hospital, Los Angeles, CAinCase Studies
Nov 30th 18

The Wellness Center at Historic General Hospital Website   An innovative partnership between the City and County of Los Angeles and the University of Southern California Medical Center to transform the first floor of a vacant ...

Kukui Children's Center, Honolulu HIinCase Studies
Nov 30th 18

Kukui Children's Center Website   The Kukui Center in Honolulu, Hawaii has served thousands of children and families since opening in 2009 through the power of collaboration. Ten agencies are cooperatively co-located to provide a spectrum of ...

Theme Centers - Sustainability and EnvironmentinCase Studies
Nov 30th 18

Online Resource Center An Introduction to LEED The Nonprofit Centers Network Environmental Policy Statement Thoreau Center for Sustainability Why Green? Checklist for Environmentally Responsible Design and Construction The Nonprofit Centers Network   Centers The Alliance Center – ...

Theme Centers - Human ServicesinCase Studies
Nov 30th 18

Community Door Mississauga, ON Fairhill Partners Cleveland, OH Family Services Poughkeepsie, NY Langs Cambridge, ON Matrix Human Services Detroit, MI New Path Youth and Family Services Barrie, ON River Valley Resources, Inc. Madison, IN Schoenbaum ...

Theme Centers - DisabilityinCase Studies
Nov 30th 18

Al Sigl Community of Agencies, Rochester, NY - Ability360 Center, Phoenix, AZ - Ed Roberts Campus, Berkeley, CA - Community Vision, Portland, OR - ...

Theme Centers - Arts and CultureinCase Studies
Nov 30th 18

Online Resource Center Arts and Culture in Urban-Regional Planning: A Review and Research Agenda How Art Spaces Matter Artspace Room Rental Reservation Form for an Arts Center Flashpoint, Cultural Development Corporation Sample Budgeting Rationale for ...

Nov 26th 18

Topics Below: Meeting Room Set-up Meeting Room Set-up   Ask-NCN 6/1/2017   Christine McCormick, 2506 LLC Our nonprofit center, Community Partners Center, is located in Colmar, PA, about 45 minutes from Philadelphia. We have a large conference room that is ...