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Leases and LicensesinOperating a Center
Sep 21st 18

Online Resource Center Lease Template - Hannan House Standard Lease - Children and Family Services Center Standard Lease - MarinSpace Sublease Agreement - E4C Subleasing Office Services - Tides/Thoreau Center License Agreement - ...

Sep 21st 18

Types of Fundraising Capital Campaigns Building Blocks for Success: Joint Capital Campaigns Partner Agreement for Joint Capital Campaign: Al Sigl Center Partner Agreement for Joint Capital Campaigns: Charles E. Lakin Human Services Center Partner Resolution ...

Annual fundraising
Capital campaign
Software for Building ManagementinBuilding and Physical Aspects
Sep 20th 18

Software for Remote Operations From Greg Bugbee, IT Senior Advisor of Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology, NCN Webinar on this topic with Greg as guest speaker - Hardwired: Technology for Shared Spaces 1. ...

Remote control
Property ManagementinBuilding and Physical Aspects
Sep 20th 18

Online Resource Center NCN WEBINAR | Community Animation 101: Leveraging Property Management to Ignite Engagement Property Management Agreement Property Manager Agreement (HSC Foundation) External Due Diligence Checklist (Newmark Knight Frank) Topics Below Property Management - Outsource or ...

Building MaintenanceinBuilding and Physical Aspects
Sep 18th 18

Online Resources Monthly Maintenance Schedule - Girl Scouts of Orange County Topics Below Keeping up with keeping up the building Damage Deposit Returns Issue Reporting Forms Keeping Up with Keeping Up the Building   Conversation on ...

Partnership Cultivation and Facilitation ActivitiesinBuilding Collaboration and Partnerships
Sep 18th 18

Resources NCN Webinar I The Collaboration Project: Tested Strategies to Build Collaboration in Shared Spaces NCN Blog Post: 5 Tips for Building Your Shared Space Community Online NCN Webinar | Authentic Tenant Engagement - What Works? Give/...

Foundations and Shared SpacesinOperating a Center
Sep 18th 18

Community Foundations Funding Shared Spaces Makato Area Foundation Marin Community Foundation Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation Santa Fe Community ...

Equitable, Inclusive Shared SpacesinOperating a Center
Sep 18th 18

Online Resource Center NCN Webinar - All Access: Inclusive Design for Shared Spaces NCN Webinar I Space for All: Inclusivity in Building Communities Centre for Social Innovation's Diversity, Inclusion and Anti-Discrimation Policy Topics Below Promoting ...

Collaboration and Getting AlonginBuilding Collaboration and Partnerships
Sep 18th 18

Can't We All Just Get Along? Creating a positive work environment can sometimes be a challenge when dealing with the day to day stresses of your own work. But letting the little issues build up ...

Tenant Conflict
Community Events - Themes & StrategiesinBuilding Collaboration and Partnerships
Sep 18th 18

Topics Below: Community Building Ideas Community Events Strategy For more about the physical space and what to charge, head here. Community Building Ideas   From an Ask-NCN Discussion: This document was compiled by Heather Quinn Gage ...