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NCN COVID-19 Response in Safety and Security
May 19th 20

This is a new page and will be updated as we have additional resources. Given the nature of this pandemic and the ever-changing guidelines, some information may become outdated. That said, we will lea...

Community Animator in Operating a Center
Oct 24th 18

Online Resource Center Job Descriptions (please log in with your user name and password for access):   Community Animator, CSI Annex

Animation #animator
Community Animation
Videos in Case Studies
Dec 4th 18

Center Profiles The Common Roof, Barrie, ONPosner Center for International Development, Denver, COTogether Center, Redmond, WAKukui Center, Honolulu, HICarroll Nonprofit Center,  Westminster, MD Spo...

Childrens & Family Services Center, Charlotte, NC in Case Studies
Nov 30th 18

Children & Family Services Center Website   Mission: Improving lives of children and families through an innovative partnership of community resources that promotes strong families and advocates for ...

The Wellness Center at Historic General Hospital, Los Angeles, CA in Case Studies
Nov 30th 18

The Wellness Center at Historic General Hospital Website   An innovative partnership between the City and County of Los Angeles and the University of Southern California Medical Center to transform t...

Kukui Children's Center, Honolulu HI in Case Studies
Nov 30th 18

Kukui Children's Center Website   The Kukui Center in Honolulu, Hawaii has served thousands of children and families since opening in 2009 through the power of collaboration. Ten agencies are coopera...

Theme Centers - Sustainability and Environment in Case Studies
Nov 30th 18

Online Resource Center An Introduction to LEED The Nonprofit Centers Network Environmental Policy Statement Thoreau Center for Sustainability Why Green? Checklist for Environmentally Responsible Desig...

Theme Centers - Human Services in Case Studies
Nov 30th 18

Community Door Mississauga, ON Fairhill Partners Cleveland, OH Family Services Poughkeepsie, NY Langs Cambridge, ON Matrix Human Services Detroit, MI New Path Youth and Family Services Barrie, ON Rive...

Theme Centers - Disability in Case Studies
Nov 30th 18

Al Sigl Community of Agencies, Rochester, NY - Ability360 Center, Phoenix, AZ - Ed Roberts Campus, Berkeley, CA - Commu...

Conflict of Interest Policy in Operating a Center
Sep 27th 18

Online Resource Center The Jefferson Avenue Center   Please email if you have a Conflict of Interest Policy that you would be willing to share. Thanks!   Centers with Tenan...

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