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Tenant Recruitment and SelectioninRecruitment
Jun 29th 18

Tenant Recruitment and Selection Online Resource Center Expressions of Interest Preliminary commitments from potential tenants, also known as Letters of Intent Alliance Center for Sustainability Pre-Leasing Survey The Vancouver Hive's Letter of Commitment for Nonprofit ...

Tenant Council and Advisory GroupsinLegal and Governance
Jun 29th 18

Tenant Council and Advisory Groups Online Resource Center Documents The Common Roof Partner Meetings - Terms of Reference Tramway Summary Report Recommendations include the execution of two MOUs as well as guidance on how best ...

Planning a Shared SpaceinBack Office Shared Services
Jun 29th 18

Planning Shared Spaces If you're getting started planning your shared space, these resources will be the most beneficial to you. Examples and Case Studies Examples Theme Centers - Environment and Sustainability Theme Centers - Disability ...