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What Tenants Are Thinking

05/01/2018 (This Event Has Passed)

Do they want to collaborate more or do they just want another happy hour? For this NCN Webinar, we are bringing together a panel of three tenants from centers from across the country to share their experience of being a community member in a nonprofit center. We’ll discuss what it has meant for their organization and their personal experience.  This is a great session for center operators to better understand what’s working for our tenant communities and what could better.


Tatiana Tilley
Director of Operations at Pachamama Alliance
Tenant Member of Tides Converge, San Francisco CA

Adwoa Spencer 
Director of Development and Operations at Health & Environmental Funders Network
Tenant Member of Nonprofit Village, Rockville, MD

Michele Meeker
Executive Director of NAMI Eastside
Tenant Member of Together Center, Redmond, WA

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