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Space For All: Inclusivity in Building Communities

06/29/2017 (This Event Has Passed)

Inclusivity. Diversity. Equity. Justice. Power. Reconciliation. These topics are at the forefront of public conversation, but what do they mean for those who run spaces dedicated to a community and a higher mission? Many nonprofit centers have taken steps towards to creating inclusive spaces, like gender neutral bathroom signage; however, this is only a first step on a much longer journey.

During this webinar we’ll hear about the very intentional process that the Centre for Social Innovation is undergoing to create a space that is more representative of today’s Toronto. Their guide, Shakil Choudhury, an international consultant on diversity and inclusion strategies with Anima Leadership, will share strategies for starting the conversation. Karine Jouich of CSI will also discuss what it has been like to champion this initiative from a staff perspective. Systemic challenges can’t be solved through a single webinar, but we hope you will gain the tools to start these conversations in your own spaces. 

After participating in this webinar you will understand:

  • Why shared spaces should be talking about inclusivity, and what that term means (race, ethnicity, gender, ability, etc
  • How to understand if your building’s community is ready to talk about inclusivity
  • How to start a conversation that will be difficult and controversial for many, while using your center as a safe space
  • How to find resources to help guide your journey
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