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Sharing Innovation 2019

10/09/2019 - 10/10/2019 (This Event Has Passed)

In it’s third year, Sharing Innovation has become a national gathering of community change makers. A fast-paced event blends big ideas and concrete tools from your peers across the US and Canada. This is an opportunity for you to see examples of charitable leaders doing innovative -yet practical – things to make huge systems changes.

Who comes to Sharing Innovation? Attendees don’t fit into one neat box – we have nonprofit leaders, foundation staff, government officials, researchers and academics. What brings them to this event is that they all believe the nonprofit sector could do more by doing things differently – together. Sharing Innovation attendees aren’t pie-in-the-sky idealists – we’re the kind of folks that keep Tupperware at our desks for event leftovers and call it “waste diversion” (or “employee benefits”). From our seats on the front lines, we know we can make the work nonprofits do more effective and impactful.

What could you do differently? So much of the work in the nonprofit sector is limited by people who say “We’ve always done it this way. Why change?” or “It’ll cost too much to change our ways…” (For those folks, I hate to break it to you, but it’s 2019. We have driverless cars, intelligent coffee pots, and convincing chat bots…it’s TIME to rethink what’s possible.) Sharing Innovation is about seeing what others have done and inspiring change in your community.

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