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Regional Chapter Meetup: Reactivating Our Communities

Regional Chapter Meetup: Reactivating Our Communities

Regional Chapter Meetup: Reactivating Our Communities

08/04/2021 - 08/10/2021 (This Event Has Passed)


Please join your NCN peers at the next Regional Chapter Meetup to discuss “Reactivating Our Communities” on August 4th, 5th, or 10th. Dates and time details for your chapter can be found below.

Many nonprofit center operators are moving from the logistics of opening to considering how to meet the changing needs of tenant organizations — and ultimately of an entire workforce.  How do we help create the “why” around returning to our workspaces? How do we re-energize our communities?  What new needs are we meeting through our centers?

This Regional Chapter Meetup will be an opportunity to reflect on individual tenants and organizations’ needs, share creative regional practices and innovations to meet those needs, and ultimately motivate our communities to be revitalized and active in our nonprofit centers.

Each NCN member is invited to have two staff attend, so please register below to make sure your organization is represented. Want to be part of your Regional Chapter, but aren’t an NCN member? Fill out this form to learn more about membership.

All meeting times are in local time zones, so please adjust for your time zone accordingly. Questions? Email

Click on the colored block to register

August 4th 2-3pm AKST / 3-4pm PST

August 5th 12-1pm HST /
3-4pm PST / 4-5pm MST

August 5th 3-4pm CST

August 4th 3-4pm CST

August 4th 10-11am EST

August 4th 1-2pm CST / 2-3pm EST

August 5th 2-3pm EST

August 5th 12pm-1pm EST

August 10th 11am-12:15pm PST / 12-1:15pm MST

August 10th 2:00pm-3:15pm EST

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