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Back to the Future with Rethinking Overhead

Way back in 2010, I was fortunate to be part of an amazing team with NCN founder China Brotsky, former-Executive Director Roxanne Hanson, and former staff member Tuan Ngo. Together, we co-wrote NCN’s Guide to Shared Services.

Our intention was to support NCN member organizations’ interests in collaborative access to back-office job functions, what we termed “shared services.”

Our opening lines of the Guide read,

“Nonprofit organizations face challenging times. Volatile financial markets are impacting funding opportunities while the demand for services as well as operating expenses are increasing. For the majority of nonprofit organizations with already limited resources these challenges indicate a need for a new paradigm.”

Sound familiar?

While many things have changed in the past 9 years, pressures are still driving organizations to conserve precious resources and explore collaborative strategies. As a result, many organizations are considering the potential to share back-office services.

With this in mind, a new amazing NCN team of co-writers, featuring Chelsea Donahoe, Katie Edwards, myself and other advisors, is currently drafting “Rethinking Overhead,” a new on-line publication series and version 2.0 of the original Shared Services Guide.

Each section of Rethinking Overhead will help readers to:

  • Learn about strategies for accessing shared back office services
  • Hear advice from shared services providers and customers; and,
  • Consider options for implementing shared services within a network of organizations

We are aiming to release Rethinking Overhead in March 2019 so please stay tuned. And in the meantime, just drop us a line if there are other ways that the NCN team can support your shared services efforts.


About Our Blogger:

Jackie Cefola Director, Consulting and Shared Services

Jackie Cefola manages the consulting services and shared service offerings of The Nonprofit Centers Network (NCN). Since 2011, she has consulted with NCN clients to achieve meaningful impact through collaboration, co-working, and shared administrative services. Previously, as program manager for the NonProfit Center, a 110,000 square foot multi-sector center in Boston, she helped to develop the center’s many co-working spaces and collaborative programs. She also co-authored NCN’s Guide to Shared Services and facilitated numerous training sessions. She holds an MBA and a Masters degree in Environmental Management from Yale University, where she first learned about industrial ecology and strategies for organizations to intentionally co-locate and share resources. In spare time Jackie volunteers to help collect and distribute clothing and furniture to newly housed families.

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