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5 Tips from Spring Regional Chapter Roundtables:

April 24, 2023 by Elizabeth0

We love our membership community and how much our members support each other in their work. Each quarter we consolidate a few great tips from our member Regional Chapter Roundtables. Check out the great tips that our members shared with each other at this quarter’s NCN member Roundtables:

 5 Tips from Spring Regional Chapter Roundtables:

1. Ask your community “what in the space is giving you life?”
Some of our Co-Leads asked this question in the roundtable, and we loved it! Reminding ourselves and our community members what is so special about our beautiful spaces can be energizing, motivating, and impactful.

2. Consider an Indigenous Oral Practices policy
Some members shared how they demonstrate commitment to honoring Indigenous Oral Practices and upholding cultural safety through policies like this one.

3. Publish an annual collaboration report
Investing in something like collaboration reports can be a great way to demonstrate impact to funders, potential tenants, and current partners.

4. Create a “Youth Alliance” for younger populations
If you serve younger populations in your center, creating a space for them to contribute their feedback, ideas, and input can be a great practice.

5. Create an “exit survey” for your building
An easy and quick exit survey like this feedback kiosk for all clients and participants in your building, can be a great way to collect feedback on the experience people have in your building.

About Our Blogger:

Elizabeth O'Brien

Elizabeth is the Membership & Events Coordinator at NCN, supporting our approximately 150 members across through the US and Canada. Elizabeth has spent the majority of her career in the nonprofit and international education sectors focusing on membership recruitment, volunteer management, and program development. Working in several shared spaces throughout her career, Elizabeth knows firsthand how quality workspace can affect the capacity and effectiveness of an organization. She is a strong believer that equitable design and real estate are powerful tools to help organizations positively impact their communities.

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