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NCN’s community is full of brilliant social changemakers.

Sharing Innovation is our chance to give you the mic and inspire others who think the nonprofit sector should work differently. We want to speed up innovation in the way we do it best – sharing ideas.

What’s happening at Sharing Innovation?

You’ll hear from our most innovative speakers, rapid fire, TED-talk style, and come away with the latest tools that you can implement in your community. Vetted by a team of shared space experts, the final chosen speakers will have thirty minutes to share their vision and answer your questions.

Shared space and shared services are like the swiss army knives of the nonprofit sector. While it’s not quite one size fits all, it’s pretty close. We’ve seen our community use these resources to address food insecurity, homelessness, access to arts and culture, literacy – you name it.

Speakers will frame the problem that they’re addressing collectively and highlight how it challenges the status quo of the nonprofit sector.  They’ll tell their story in a way that helps you implement what they’re learning once you get back home.

What Do You Mean by “Innovation”?

Our world is changing at a quick pace, and that requires new strategies.  Nonprofits have been working together and sharing space long before coworking was cool. Necessity is the mother of invention, and nonprofits work at the intersection of high need and scare resources.

We will release speaker information soon, but some of the innovative ideas we’ve heard recently include:

  • Pairing county owned real estate assets with real life needs assessment data to create mini-service hubs
  • Laying the groundwork for future collaboration by launching a communications platform designed to build trust among nonprofits
  • Using an Open Source Community Software model (a kind of tech development co-op) to build custom software for shared intake leveraging small investments to make development possible (And maybe the recipe for the perfect room booking software too!)
  • Powering a shared office suite with direct current from a rooftop solar array, retaining energy typically lost in transmission and conversion

See Inspiring Spaces

Denver is home to one of the largest concentrations of shared spaces in the United States. Here are some of the interesting models in the Denver Metro Area:

Rose Andom Center – A one-stop center for survivors of domestic violence that brings police and the District Attorney’s office under one roof and streamlines the process of prosecuting violent offenders.

Veteran Service Center – A one-stop human service center for veterans experiencing homelessness. At this space, veterans can be connected with rapid rehousing assistance, VA benefits, peer mentors, and more.

Posner Center for International Development – this theme center is home to over 60 organizations that are working to find collaborative solutions to global poverty.

The Alliance Center – the home of sustainability in Denver, this 40,000 square foot historic building is home to a mix of organizations, both nonprofit and for profit, that are working on solutions to keep our planet sustainable.

The Colorado Collaborative for Nonprofits – What happens when four capacity building organizations need a new home and training center – collaboration.

EdXchange – Education policy shapes our future, and edXchange brings together a group of passionate organizations working on initiatives across the state into one shared space.

The Commons on Champa – Small businesses and social entrepreneurs get a leg up when they visit the Commons on Champa, a shared space that brings together city services and nonprofits that are focused on making Denver a great place to start a business!

Auraria Higher Education Campus – Even Universities can share space. Auraria Campus is home to three different universities who share things like the Student Union, classrooms, security, parking, and more.

Village Exchange Center – a collaborative community center co-locating programs critical to the refugee and immigrant communities.  We also offer space to the community to hold events, as well as multi-faith worship. In addition to St. Matthew Lutheran Church, we are home to multiple congregations comprised of refugees and immigrants from over 7 countries.

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Don’t fear, you can still participate!  For the first time ever, NCN is livestreaming this day of content. Just register for the livestream option, and you will be sent a link to stream the content to your computer.

The NCN community is full of passionate people doing unique work that strengthens and connects the nonprofit sector in their communities. Be inspired. Share your innovations.

LIVE in Denver!

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