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Attracting High Performing Boards Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Diana Kern
Publisher: The NonprofitCenters Network

Get best practices to attract, engage and maintain a high performing board of directors. If you ever wondered why some boards are better than others then you will want to pick up these concepts, tips and practical applications for creating the board you always wanted. Presented as part of NCN Webinar Series.

Building a Vibrant Tenant Community Webinar Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author:  Jackie Cefola, Eli Malinsky, Nino Tillman

While there is no "secret formula" for engineering a thriving community in a nonprofit center, there are strategies to encourage tenants to collaborate, share resources and support each other. Learn how to develop programs, services and physical spaces that foster community. Jackie Cefola of the NonProfit Center, Eli Malinsky of the Centre for Social Innovation, and Nino Tillman of the Institute of Cultural Affairs share best lessons learned to help you develop a vibrant tenant community.

Bylaws for Fairhill Center Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Michael Gathercole
Publisher: Fairhill Center

Sample bylaws for MTNC Fairhill Center in Cleveland, Ohio.

Bylaws for Our Health, Inc. Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: David Ziegler
Publisher: Our Health, Inc.

Sample bylaws for a Multi-tenant Nonprofit Center, Our Health Community Services Campus.

Bylaws of The Children & Family Services Center

Author: Peggy Eagan
Publisher: The Children & Family Services Center

Sample of Bylaws created by The Children & Family Services Center.

Exempt Organizations

Author: Roberta Zarin
Publisher: IRS Department of Tax Exempt and Government Entities

A book of materials from an Exempt Organizations workshop designed to help small and mid-size exempt organizations better understand and comply with tax laws.

Finance II: Alternative Financing Options 2007 Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Joshua Simon
Publisher: Northern California Community Loan Fund

Alernative Financing presentation from Workshop Session D of 2007 Collaborating for Success Conference.

From Silos to Systems: A Building Can Shift a Paradigm

Author: Jay Connor
Publisher: The Collaboratory for Community Support

A presentation that makes the case for a shift from "silo" organizational models to collaborative, community support organizations.


Author: getnetabebe
Publisher: getnetabebe

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IRS Ruling on Exempt Status in Creating and Operating MTNCs

Author: Internal Revenue Service
Publisher: Contributed by Andy Johnston, Loudoun Cares

IRS Ruling indicating that a nonprofit organization created to construct and maintain a building for the exclusive purpose of housing and serving exempt member agencies of a community chest, may be exempt under section 501 (c)(3).

Multi-Tenant Centers: Tax Matters Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Pamela S. Kaufmann & Cynthia R. Rowland
Publisher: 2005 Collaborating for Success Conference

This presentation provides helpful resources for nonprofits training to gain tax-exempt status; this includes a list of all tax-forms needed by nonprofits in order to fulfill the tax-exempt requirements of the IRS. The authors also delve into various tax-credit programs that can help nonprofits save money that could be put to better purposes.

Nonprofit Incorporation & Start-up Guide

Author: Harbor Business Compliance

This guide will help you choose a nonprofit structure, file formation documents, register for taxes, and register for fundraising.

Nonprofit Landlords Leasing to Nonprofit Tenants, Legal and Managerial Strategies

Author: Diane Kaplan Vinokur
Publisher: University of Michigan School of Social Work

A report that describes the legal and managerial strategies used at MTNCs in the United States.

Nurturing Nonprofits

Author: Carolyn Said
Publisher: San Francisco Chronicle

The article discusses the shared amenities enjoyed by the tenants at the Thoreau Center San Francisco and how the Center is a sustainable model for advancing the nonprofit sector.

Overview of Tax-Exempt Bond Financing Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Dirk ten Grotenhuis
Publisher: 2005 Collaborating for Success Conference

Because 501(c)(3) status gives nonprofits the right to borrow money by issuing debt that provides tax-exempt returns to investors, nonprofits can find a low cost alternatives to financing a center. This presentation provides various structures of and issues surrounding tax-exempt bonds.

Ownership & Governance for Nonprofit Centers

Author: Jay Connor, Shelley Hamilton, Tim Wintermute

This presentation helps multi-tenant nonprofit centers understand various ownership and governance models and to select a model appropriate to the MTNC mission.

Ownership & Governance Models Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: China Brotsky, Skye Christensen, Cynthia Rowland, Gabrielle Lessard,
Publisher: The NonprofitCenters Network

Learn the pros and cons of various management and ownership structures: Office Condos & Co-ops; Independent nonprofit structures; Single Owner Options; Master Lease; Lease to Own Options. Presented at the Building for Sustainable Communities, Berkeley, CA, October 27, 2009.

Ownership and Governance May 2009 Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: China Brotsky, Skye Christensen, Cynthia Rowland and Teresa Whitaker
Publisher: The NonprofitCenters Network, Ninth Street Independent Film Center, Partner, C

Many innovative ownership and governance structures are available to guide the work of independent nonprofits coming together for a common purpose. This presentation showcases four models of ownership and governance. Explore the pros and cons of each and discover which model may work best for your project. Presentation given at the 2009 Building Opportunities Conference on May 19, 2009.

Staffing Benchmark Study

Author: Shelley Hamilton
Publisher: MarinSpace

This benchmark survey provides rough estimates to compare staffing levels across a variety of Nonprofit Centers.

Tax, Risk Management, and Building Manager Matters Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Cynthia Rowland, Steve Moody, Shelley Hamilton
Publisher: Coblentz, Patch, Duffy and Bass LLP; Nonprofit Insurance Alliance of California; Marin Space

Presentation about Key Issues in Operating and Managing a Center, from Workshop Session A of 2007 Collaborating for Success Conference.

Tax-Exempt Status for MTNCs

Author: Andy Johnston
Publisher: Loudon Cares

The experience of Loudon Cares in securing their tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Using New Markets Tax Credits or Program-Related Investments to Finance Your Project Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Kevin McQueen, Brody Weiser Burns
Publisher: 2005 Collaborating For Success Conference

By leveraging private equity and utilizing tax programs/laws geared toward nonprofit centers, organizations can more heavily concentrate on fulfilling their mission. McQueen explains how the New Markets Tax Credit intends to stimulate $15 billion in private equity investment that will bring new jobs, services, physical revitalization, and ownership opportunities to low-income communities.