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"Trying to do good without a place to do good"

Author: Anne Keisman and Jennifer Fulcher
Publisher: Loudoun Times

An article illustrating the necessity for the planned MTNC in Loudoun, VA.

"Under One Roof" - Addressing Facility Needs of Nonprofits

Author: Diane Kaplan Vinokur
Publisher: University of Michigan School of Social Work

Presents an overview of the various ways nonprofits, their supporters and partners are establishing co-locations facilities.

2005 Alliance Conference Presentation: Strategic Considerations in Creating and Operating MTNCs

Author: China Brotsky and Shelley Hamilton
Publisher: Tides Inc. amd MarinSpace

Through their work on multi-tenant nonprofit centers nationwide, Brotsky and Hamilton have identified six interdependent strategic issues that are important to consider in creating and operating nonprofit centers. They are presented here along with an overview of the benefits of MTNCs.

A desk, a phone and an end to isolation

Author: Graham Lanktree
Publisher: The Global Mail

The Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), a project developed by Urbanspace Property Group, is an example of a co-working model for single entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for flexible and affordable rent in Canada, where almost half a million full-time jobs have vanished and as many as 37,000 laid-off workers have turned to self-employment as entrepreneurs and consultants.

Ask the Experts Discussion for New Projects Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Amy Tobin, China Brotsky
Publisher: The NonprofitCenters Network

Nonprofit center leaders share their lessons learned in creating a facility.

Presentation presented as part of NCN weinbar series, June 23, 2010

Barter Fits the Bill for Strapped Firms

Author: Raymund Flandez
Publisher: Wall Street Journal

For some small businesses who are squeezed for cash and unable to get loans, bartering is becoming a crucial way for many companies to find the cash they need to keep operating.

Building a Case for Nonprofit Centers Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Tuan Ngo, Shelley Hamilton, Jan Eggleston, Dace West
Publisher: The NonprofitCenters Network

Need to persuade your board, funders or government officials to help you create a nonprofit center? This webinar offers key messages, strategies and tools to gain their support. This webinar is designed for emerging centers in development. Presenters: Shelley Hamilton, Jan Egglestone, and Dace West. Given at NCN Webinar on July 23, 2009.

Case Studies: Tools for Success, Mistakes to Avoid May 2009 Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: P.J. Davis, Catherine Gautier and Glen Newby
Publisher: Gallatin Shalom Zone, John S. and James L. Knight Nonprofit Center, New Path Youth & Family Services

Learn from the experiences of your peers who’ve successfully completed projects, gain insight into the project planning and development process as well as strategies for avoiding costly mistakes. Presentation given at the 2009 Building Opportunities Conference on May 19, 2009.


Author: Sylvia Sukop
Publisher: Center for Healthy Communities

This issue of the Centerscene quarterly newsletter features articles about the Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, and the new multi-tenant nonprofit Center for Healthy Communities in LA.

CenterScene: Shared Nonprofit Spaces a Win-Win for Investors and Tenants

Author: Center for Healthy Communities
Publisher: The California Endowment

The Summer/Fall 2011 issue of CenterScene, the newsletter of the Center for Healthy Communities, celebrates and explores the return on nonprofit shared space for social investors and nonprofit tenants. Articles highlights 2011 Building Opportunities, the Nonprofit Centers Impact Study, Hutton Parker Foundation's 17 shared space buildings, and Sierra Health Foundation's Nonprofit Innovation Center.

Centre for Social Innovation Overview

Author: Eli Malinsky
Publisher: Centre for Social Innovation

A focused overview of the model and work of the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto.

Community Investment & Nonprofit Workspace Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: China Brotsky, Steve Kasierski, Dace West
Publisher: The NonprofitCenters Network

Today, nonprofits are becoming ever more important as demands for services are increasing and budgets in all sectors are dwindling. Some local and federal governments in the United States and Canada are employing the strategy of co-locating nonprofits under one roof in green nonprofit centers, where organizations can gain stability, save money in rent, and collaborate on shared back office services and programs. Hear from government officials who are building nonprofit centers in their districts as a strategy to revitalize blighted communities, stimulate economic activity, and provide services to their constituents in a more orchestrated and efficient manner.

Presented at NCN Webinar on March 31, 2010

Creativity and Neighborhood Development: Strategies for Community Investment

Author: Jeremy Nowak
Publisher: The Reinvestment Fund (TRF)

This publication takes a look at how cultural activities and community-based art programs aid in the development of their collective communities. Nowak discusses how the groups' complimentary visions point toward a larger statement in how to sustain more "imaginative and substantive urban development." He uses this to suggest a framework for collaborative and flexible investment and funding.

D.C. groups seek place to call home

Author: Jonathan O'Connell
Publisher: Washington Business Journal

Jovid Foundation and various nonprofit organizations in D.C. co-locate to streamline services for the poor.

Federal support for Squamscott Community Commons is only the beginning

Author: Carter W. Siegel
Publisher: Seacoast Online

On Friday, July 31, the Commons capital campaign was invigorated. Senators Judd Gregg and Jeanne Shaheen announced that Squamscott Community Commons will receive $1 million in stimulus dollars for the construction of a new community center that will house “many valuable services together” and provides Seacoast residents of New Hampshire a health and recreational support services.

Georgetown Health Foundation repurposes shopping center into nonprofit destination

Author: Beth Wade
Publisher: Community Impact Newspaper

Georgetown Health Foundation is repurposing a shopping center into nonprofit destination for health-related organizations.

Government Proclamations Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: New Castle County Executive, City of Wilmington, DE City Council
Publisher: City of Wilmington, DE Office of the Mayor

Local government proclamations and tributes celebrating the 10th Anniversary of MTNC Community Service Building in Deleware.

Grants to help groups share some services

Author: Projo
Publisher: Projo

United Way of Rhode Island awarded grants to nonprofit organizations throughout the state to be used towards creating infrastructures for sharing operations and services to save money, free up staff time and expand the reach of their services in the community.

Greater Boston Nonprofits Meet to Grapple with High Rents

Author: Peter Lowy

This article describes the training put on by The NonprofitCenters Network and Third Sector New England on March 12, 2008. Over 40 nonprofit board members, real estate professionals, government officials, CEOs, program directors, as well as nonprofit funders gathered in Boston to discuss the benefits of developing Multi-tenant Nonprofit Centers in response to skyrocketing commercial rents.

Green Building Design and Operations Resources Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Jackie Cefola
Publisher: Third Sector New England

A list of helpful resources on green buildings created for the "Green Building Design and Operations" workshop at the Innovative Strategies in Nonprofit Workspace seminar.

Green Buildings and Sustainable Development: Making the Business Case

Author: Anne Frej
Publisher: Urban Land Institute

Report from the August 2003 Urban Land Institute forum on Green Buildings and Sustainable Development: Making the Business Case. Describes the opportunities for and major challenges to business acceptance of green building and sustainaible development; and the role of the ULI in green building and sustainable devlopment.

Green Your Building Now/Greening Your Building Operations Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Becky Bacon
Publisher: 2005 Collaborating For Success Conference

This presentation provides ideas and step-by-step approaches to how MTNCs can reduce energy usage, utilize green technologies, engage tenants in environmentally sound practices, and provide the surrounding community with a healthier environment. Bilton also demonstrates how the utilization of green building technologies also benefits the bottom line of any MTNC.

Housing Nonprofits Together: Multi-Tenant Nonprofit Centers (MTNCs)

Author: Laura Del Rosso
Publisher: Social Enterprise Reporter: Innovative Business Solutions for Nonprofit Entrepreneurs

This article addresses new innovations in the nonprofit sector: MTNCs. Using various examples of such centers (i.e. Spaces at 520), this article discusses how multi-tenant centers operate and succeed due to programmatic synergy

Innovations in Workspace for the Nonprofit Sector: A Study of Multi-tenant Nonprofit Centers

Author: LoriAnn Girvan
Publisher: The NonprofitCenters Network

A report on the results of a scan of MTNC features and trends around the country. It includes findings on how MTNCs provide cost-savings, programmatic efficiencies, valuable infrastructure and community resources. It discusses the challenges MTNCs face and highlights opportunities for continued growth in the future.

Joining Forces in the 'Back Office'

Author: Nicole Wallace
Publisher: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Small and medium-size charities can be at a disadvantage when it comes to handling financial and personnel issues. To solve this problem, five social-service groups in the Twin Cities joined forces in January 2007 to create MACC CommonWealth to share their administrative or "back office" operations.

Lawmakers Honor North Penn's Community Partners Center

Author: Kate Harper
Publisher: Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Praising the work of the North Penn Community Health Foundation (NPCHF), Montgomery County lawmakers gathered Wednesday to honor the organization and its establishment of the state�s first ever nonprofit office center

Making Space for the Nonprofit Sector

Author: China Brotsky
Publisher: National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

This article describes the various ways philanthropic capital can be used to support nonprofits and further a funders mission. It is particularly useful for nonprofit center practitioners when making the case to foundations considering funding in this arena.

Measuring Collaboration: The Benefits and Impacts of Nonprofit Centers Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Roxanne Hanson
Publisher: The NonprofitCenters Network

Hear the findings of the first international impact study of nonprofit centers showing the meaningful economic, environmental, and community impacts of shared nonprofit workspace. Join us to discuss the new data that reveals how over 100 successful facilities in the U.S. and Canada are promoting positive social change. Get compelling evidence of the concrete ways shared space benefits nonprofits and communities.

Mission Driven Development Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Tom Sargent, Equity Community Builders, and Marsha Maytum, Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects
Publisher: Urban Land, The Urban Land Institute

Nonprofits are putting more buildings into nonprofit ownership in pursuit of mission-enhancing, long-term, stable workspace. This article profiles three successful MTNCs.

Mistakes to Avoid: Lessons Learned from a Recovering Developer of a MTNC

Author: John Powers
Publisher: Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

A presentation at the 2005 Collaborating for Success Conference on the process of developing the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado's Nonprofit Center and the lessons learned along the way. The presentation includes a list of what Powers considers to be the most common mistakes.

Multi-use Centers: Center for the Development of the Green Economy Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Kevin Danaher
Publisher: 2005 Collaborating For Success Conference

Danaher explains how the utilization of newly emerging technologies and environmentally friendly building materials can positively affect nonprofits and surrounding communities. He argues that the decentralized nature of the green economywhich is good in terms of entrepreneurial innovationcan also be seen as fragmentation, which inhibits collaboration and the cross-fertilization of shared ideas and resources. The private, public, and non-profit sectors, can create a more holistic approach to developing a green economy through collaboration.

New Markets Tax Credits: Leveraging Federal Funds to Finance Community Facilities Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Josh Simon, Julie Tripp, John Clawson
Publisher: NonprofitCenters Network

The workshop is a great choice for nonprofits that want an overview of how NMTC’s can be help renovate existing facilities or fill the final funding gap in a new facility.

Non-profits boost efficiency, savings with consolidation

Author: Austin Light
Publisher: The Mecklenburg Times

In an effort to streamline operations, Children & Family Services and its nine nonprofits agencies come together by consolidating their financial and human resources operations.

Nonprofit hub to open in Berkeley

Author: Sarah Duxbury
Publisher: San Francisco Business Times

The David Brower Center, a $28 million project, offers 50,000 square feet of office and public space. Founded in 2002, the Brower Center is home to organizations focused on environmental and social activism.

Nonprofit Incubators: Comparative Models for Nurturing New Third Sector Organizations

Author: Diane Vinokur-Kaplan and Joseph A. 'Jay' Connor
Publisher: John Hopkins University Press

This article outlines the effectiveness of Multi-Tenant Nonprofit Centers as a hotbed of ideas. Nonprofit Incubators act as think-tanks where many organizations can convene to address shared concerns. Collocating nonprofits into one space facilitates dialogue and collaboration between organizations. Locating nonprofits together fosters innovative ideas and ever evolving solution to the complex problems faced by nonprofits.

Nonprofits Connect for Hope

Author: Mike DiCicco
Publisher: Herndon Connection

Helping Children Worldwide, a program started at Floris United Methodist Church, created a nonprofit center, to assist local people in need in Herndon, Virgina. Connections for Hope is a 10,000-square-foot building. Helping Children Worldwide will subsidize the costs of training, hire a receptionist and otherwise manage the center. Tenants will reduce their overhead costs by sharing common areas such as a conference room, a kitchen and a computer training area, as well as the cost of phones, a copier and other equipment.

Nonprofits consider shared resources as funds diminish

Author: Kathy Bergstrom
Publisher: The Business Journal of Milwaukee

Organizations are looking to shared services as dwindling support from government and private funders combined with increased demand from clients means challenging times for nonprofits during the recession.

Nonprofits Get Funding for a Move to Build on Efficiency

Author: Jennifer Thomas
Publisher: Charlotte Business Journal

This article describes the new shared services that are being implemented by the Children & Family Services Center in Charlotte, NC. New services include shared finance and human resources staff.

Nonprofits sharing IT systems, development costs

Author: Eileen Coyne
Publisher: Business First of Columbus

Efficiency, productivity and communication have improved dramatically in the past two years at one Columbus nonprofit and Tony Wells, a technology entrepreneur and philanthropist, thinks he knows why.

NPT 100 Groups Turning Real Estate Into Cash

Author: Mark Hrywna
Publisher: The NonProfit Times

Mark Hrywna discusses how some nonprofit organizations have generated revenue from real estate investments.

Nurturing Nonprofits

Author: Carolyn Said
Publisher: San Francisco Chronicle

The article discusses the shared amenities enjoyed by the tenants at the Thoreau Center San Francisco and how the Center is a sustainable model for advancing the nonprofit sector.

One in Five Charities Considering Mergers to Help Survive Hard Economic Times

Author: Nicole Wallace
Publisher: Chronicle of Philanthropy

Nearly one in five charity leaders are looking at mergers and acquisitions as a potential way to ride out the turbulent economy, according to a new survey conducted by Bridgespan Group. The research indicates that characteristics such as expensive facilities make some nonprofit "fertile ground" for mergers.

Opening Plenary: Claiming Our Place in Place-Making Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: LoriAnn Girvan
Publisher: 2005 Collaborating For Success Conference

This presentation outlines the different approaches nonprofits can take to revitalize communities. These steps included historic preservation, developments that serve rather than displace, green building technologies, education/service provision, and utilization of the local work force.

Opening Plenary: Collaborating for Success Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Tim Wintermute
Publisher: 2005 Collaborating For Success Conference

This presentation defines collaboration in concrete terms, giving light to the complex nature of cooperation within nonprofit sector. Wintermute evaluates the ways in which resources are shared between nonprofits

Planning for Success: Strategic Considerations Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Joshua Simon, Carolyn Johnson, Peter Waller
Publisher: The NonprofitCenters Network

Get an overview of strategic questions you must consider when creating a nonprofit workspace that meets the mission of your organization as well as builds long-term assets for the community. Presented at the Building for Sustainable Communities, Berkeley, CA, October 27, 2009.

Planting a Seed: Foundations Build Communities with Shared Nonprofit Workspace

Author: The NonprofitCenters Network

This new guide illuminates the benefits and challenges foundations experience in creating nonprofit centers. The free guidebook showcases foundations that have succeeded and provides concrete examples of the resulting benefits to the nonprofits, communities, and the foundations themselves.

Shared Services 101: Just the Basics Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Danica Remy, Tides
Publisher: 2005 Collaborating For Success Conference

The nonprofit sector is evolving rapidly due to various reasons including decreased public support for services and changing tax laws. Remy argues that nonprofits need to reevaluate how they manage their organizations. She provides a history of the TIDES center as an example of how nonprofits and adapt to changing socio-political and economic conditions.

Sierra to give nonprofits a new foundation

Author: Kelly Johnson
Publisher: Sacramento Business Journal

Sierra Health Foundation opens Nonprofit Innovation Center (12,500-square-foot) in the Sacramento area to help nonprofits save money, spur creativity and better serve their clients by sharing space, resources and ideas.

Sobrato: Helping nonprofits find an affordable home

Author: Sarah Thailing
Publisher: San Francisco Business Times

For more than 50 years, the Sobrato family has been instrumental in developing Silicon Valley real estate. The family-run business is putting its portfolio to work for a growing list of nonprofits.

Social Network Analysis: Strategic Partnerships Through Collaborative Leadership

Author: Dr. Cal Streeter
Publisher: University of Texas School of Social Work

Dr. Streeter, professor at University of Texas School of Social Workm, analyzed collaboration at the Georgetown Community Resource Center.

Spaces at 520 Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Kathleen Moloney
Publisher: A.R.T./New York

A concise narrative report chronicling the development of this project from inception to ribbon-cutting for A.R.T./New York's multitenant facility for nonprofit theatre arts in Midtown Manhattan, Spaces at 520. It brought out the best of the myriad people who worked on it and, in the words of New York City Cultural Affairs Commissioner Kate Levin, "...could serve as a model, not only for cultural organizations but also for a wide range of non-profits."

Steps to Create a Center

Author: Dennis McMillian
Publisher: The Foraker Group

Describes what an organization needs to plan, implement and operate a MTNC.

Strategic Considerations for Nonprofit Centers May 2009 Contains Content Available Only To Members

Author: Roxanne Hanson and Paul McElligot
Publisher: The NonprofitCenters Network and The Perry School Community Services Center

This introductory session provides an overview of what you need to know before moving forward with your project, including key planning questions in this economy. Presentation given at the 2009 Building Opportunities Conference on May 19, 2009.

Strategic Model for an MTNC

Author: Eli Malinsky
Publisher: Centre for Social Innovation

This graphic model outlines the strategic plan of Toronto's Centre for Social Innovation, including core activities, outcomes, and impact.

Vision, Purpose and Strategic Planning

Author: Collaborating For Success Conference II
Publisher: NonprofitCenters Network

A presentation on the importance of clarifying the vision and purpose of a MTNC, and developing a strategic plan. Discusses the potential impact of a MTNC on the NP sector and community. Note: this document is a transcription and may contain typographical errors and omissions.

YouthVille: Launching the Next Generation

Author: Mary E. Kremposky
Publisher: Construction Association of Michigan Magazine

Feature article spotlighting Detroit Youth Foundation's new Center, YouthVille.