Planting a Seed - A Guide for Foundations

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Planting a Seed: Foundations Build Communities with Shared Nonprofit Workspace illuminates the benefits and challenges foundations experience in creating mission-focused office facilities for themselves and other nonprofit organizations. The free guidebook showcases foundations that have succeeded and provides concrete examples of the resulting benefits to the nonprofits, communities, and the foundations themselves.

Especially suited for foundations and nonprofits planning to weather hard economic times, Planting a Seed is an inspirational and practical tool for foundations interested in using their own headquarters or investing in nonprofit building projects to promote healthy, vibrant communities.   Nonprofit centers become strategic investments for foundations that reflect their mission and values.  Foundations have turned office buildings into community assets by developing diverse spaces providing everything from quality workspace to community conference centers to incubators for social change.

Nonprofit centers also increase long-term savings, create employment opportunities for local residents and support local businesses. These shared workspaces showcase the work of foundations´┐Ż tenants and grantees. Set in green spaces and grounded in eco-friendly values, nonprofit centers enhance sustainability by modeling energy efficiency and by using sustainable materials to create healthy workplaces.

The guide includes seventeen profiles of facility projects across the United States which model best practices in providing quality office and community space for nonprofit organizations. Revealing the logistics and inner workings, the guide details key information about their histories, operations and financing.