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Complex real estate development processes and markets can be difficult and time-consuming to navigate. The Nonprofit Centers Network has the experience, knowledge, and networks to help you create and operate successful nonprofit facilities projects.

The Nonprofit Centers Network provides some resources exclusively to our growing community of members. Join today to take advantage of all our tools and resources for members!

Publications: Available for Purchase

Shared Services: A Guide to Collaborative Solutions for Nonprofits
Written for nonprofit center leaders and nonprofit executives seeking innovative ways to do more with less, this publication is the first comprehensive guide for nonprofits looking to create shared services, with step-by-step guidelines, case studies, and sample documents.

Community Assessment Basic Tool Kit
Need help identifying potential partners or tenants? Want to find out which organizations in your community are interested in shared space, and what they can afford to pay? This package contains proven templates to help you gather the information you need to develop a sound business plan for your nonprofit center.

Evaluating Success: Toolkit for Measuring Nonprofit Center Impacts
This exciting new tool helps nonprofit centers measure the economic, environmental, and community impacts of their shared facilities. Based on the findings of the nonprofit centers impact study, this toolkit will help you conduct your own evaluation for your center.

Publications: Available for Free Download

Planting a Seed: Foundations Build Communities with Shared Nonprofit Workspace
This publication illuminates the benefits and challenges foundations experience in creating mission-focused office facilities. The guidebook showcases foundations that have succeeded and the benefits to the nonprofits, communities, and the foundations themselves

Why Green? Checklist for Environmentally Responsible Design and Construction
With ideas for general design considerations, equipment, siting and land use, materials, and job site and business, this is an overview of what it means to create healthy and economically smart space for your employees, coworkers, community, and world.

Measuring Collaboration: The Benefits and Impacts of Nonprofit Centers
This is the first study to measure the economic, environmental, and community impacts of nonprofit centers. Based on data from centers across the U.S. and Canada, the study reveals the value of shared space and services and the keys to meaningful impact.

We are very excited to share our newest publication, the 2014 Colorado Nonprofit Facilities Survey.

In 2014, The Nonprofit Centers Network and Denver Shared Spaces issued the Colorado Nonprofit Facilities Survey, patterned after a 2001 survey of nonprofit facilities needs in Metro Denver commissioned by the Rose Community Foundation and the Daniels Fund. This project intends to fill a 13-year data gap on nonprofit space usage.

This publication provides information, analysis, and recommendations to help nonprofits, public and private decision-makers, funders, and the community at-large make better space decisions, support data-driven decision-making around public policies, philanthropic investments, and nonprofit organizations’ planning and budgeting processes.

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