The Nonprofit Centers Network hosts 60-minute webinars focusing on hot topics of interest to nonprofit center leaders and developers. Take advantage of these learning opportunities from the comfort of your own desk. Webinars are free to NCN members, $40 for non-members.

Going Deeper More than Four Walls: Building Networks Beyond Your Center
August 28, 2013
Join us as we expand on lessons learned from the 2013 Building Opportunities conference session, More Than Four Walls: Building Networks Beyond Your Center. Use your nonprofit center as a catalyst to address community needs, stimulate economic activity, and achieve collective impact. Get ideas to expand your mission beyond your walls and build organizational networks that include both property and asset management.
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Places! Sustainable Arts Facilities
September 27, 2012
What makes some cultural buildings successful and others not? Learn how to better plan new or expanded arts facilities, as we explore evidence-based research, Set in Stone: Building America’s New Generation of Arts Facilities, a study by the Cultural Policy Center at the University of Chicago. Hear how a practitioner in cultural facility development integrates these learnings with experience in creating lasting creative spaces.
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Building Reserve Funds: Prepare for the Worst with Best Practices
July 25, 2012
Your building ages and surprise maintenance crops up – are you prepared? Gain insight into planning for the ongoing challenges that can affect nonprofit facilities. Two nonprofit center leaders and an industry professional share strategies for developing a successful building reserve fund.
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Ultimate Shared Space: Hot Desks and Coworking
May 24, 2012
Small organizations, social entrepreneurs, and community members need occasional, adaptable workspace. Hot desks or co-working spaces are a great way to increase tenancy and generate new revenue while providing small organizations with flexible options to meet their needs. Two nonprofit center leaders who have incorporated co-working and hot desk models in their facility share their experience.
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All Access: Inclusive Design for Nonprofit Facilities
April 24, 2012
Is your space accessible for people of all abilities and ages? Whether you’re renovating an existing space or planning for a new facility, you can create a more usable environment for as many people as possible. Learn how you can incorporate universal design into your nonprofit center.
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Full House: Tenant Recruitment and Marketing for Nonprofit Centers
March 6, 2012
Attracting credit-worthy tenants is key to ensuring the long-term success of a shared nonprofit facility. An experienced center leader and a real estate expert will share tenant marketing and selection strategies for both new and established nonprofit centers. Join us to learn about tenant commitment considerations, marketing techniques, and strategies for leasing in the current market.
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Measuring Success: The Nonprofit Centers Impact Assessment Toolkit
November 16, 2011
Roxanne Hanson shares an exciting new tool to help nonprofit centers measure the economic, environmental, and community impacts of their shared facilities. Based on the findings of the nonprofit centers impact study, this toolkit will help you conduct your own evaluation for your center.
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Better Build-Outs: Managing Tenant Improvements and Renovations
October 26, 2011
To attract and retain tenants, it is important to keep your nonprofit center appealing and well-designed. Managing renovation projects and tenant improvements can be a complex process that involves many players. Learn how to plan for success for your own build-out projects from real estate and construction experts and a center leader who's been there before.
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Coordinated Client Services: Shared Intake Systems
September 27, 2011
Do you provide direct services at your nonprofit center? Serve clients better and increase collaboration by creating a shared intake program. Join us as center leaders share their best practices and successes providing shared client systems.
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Strategic Social Media: What Works for Nonprofit Centers
July 27, 2011
There's no denying that social media is an important facet of today's marketing strategies, but which tools are right for your center? Center leaders share their social media best practices and help you decide which tools are most useful for your goals.
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Measuring Collaboration: The Benefits and Impacts of Nonprofit Centers
June 29, 2011
Hear the findings of the first international impact study of nonprofit centers showing the meaningful economic, environmental, and community impacts of shared nonprofit workspace. Join us to discuss the new data that reveals how over 100 successful facilities in the U.S. and Canada are promoting positive social change. Get compelling evidence of the concrete ways shared space benefits nonprofits and communities.
Presenter: Roxanne Hanson.
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What Works: Staffing Structures that Increase Impact
March 24, 2011
Effective operations hinge on a well-designed staffing structure. Learn how to develop a staffing plan that meets your center's needs and sboosts your staff's impact.
Presenters: Shelley Hamilton, Diane Parnes.
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Meeting Space Management Systems: What Works for Nonprofit Centers
January 20, 2011
Shared meeting space is an attractive tenant and community asset, but managing these spaces can be time-consuming and complicated. Learn strategies to efficiently manage your meeting spaces, including an overview of scheduling software working for successful nonprofit centers.
Presenters: Tina Marino, Brian Van Weele.
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Activate Your Board: Build a High Functioning Governance Structure for Your Nonprofit Center
October 12, 2010
This webinar is specifically designed to help establish boards for your nonprofit center and invigorate their operations. Learn how to minimize risk and conflicts of interest. Hear tips to help you determine the right mix of leaders and their roles and responsibilities as board members. This webinar is designed for nonprofit center directors and their board members.
Presenters: Rosanne Stead, Daniel Meyers.
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New Markets Tax Credits: Leveraging Federal Funds to Finance Community Facilities
September 23, 2010
The workshop is a great choice for nonprofits that want an overview of how NMTC’s can be help renovate existing facilities or fill the final funding gap in a new facility
Presenters: Joshua Simon (Northern California Community Loan Fund), Julie Tripp(Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass, LLP ), John Clawson (Equity Community Builders).
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Ask the Experts Discussion for New Projects
June 23, 2010
Nonprofit center leaders share their lessons learned in creating a facility.
Presenters: Amy Tobin (David Brower Center), China Brotsky (Tides).
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Ask the Experts Discussion for Established Centers
June 22, 2010
Operating a shared facility comes with unique challenges, some expected and others unexpected. Our speakers share solutions to challenges of operating a nonprofit center.
Presenters: David Buckler (YouthVille Detroit), Richard Harris (The Dairy Center for the Arts), Stephanie FallCreek (Fairhill Partners).
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Critical Considerations for Designing Collaborative Workspace
June 8, 2010
Creating a work environment that facilitates collaboration yet is functional and financially feasible can come with a myriad of challenges. In today’s webinar, we have two great speakers who will share their best practices for space planning that will maximize functionality and cost savings for your center.
Presenters: Kim Frentz (Ventura Partners), Stephanie O’Brien (Dovetail Decision Consultants, Inc.).
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Tools for Tomorrow: Shared Technology
April 6, 2010
Today's nonprofit organizations need the latest technology to effectively communicate with their stakeholders, manage their operations, and capture their knowledge and information. Explore successful models of shared technology tools.
Presenters: Neel Hajra (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work), Brian VanWeele (Marin Community Foundation).
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Community Investment & Nonprofit Workspace
March 31, 2010

Nonprofits are becoming ever more important as demands for services are increasing and budgets in all sectors are dwindling. Explore how local and federal governments are creating nonprofit centers in their districts as a strategy to revitalize blighted communities, stimulate economic activity, and more efficiently provide services to their constituents.
Presenters: China Brotsky (Tides), Steve Kasierski (National Park Services), Dace West ( Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships).
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Shared Staffing: Building on Core Competencies
February 23, 2010
By freeing up staff from unrelated tasks, organizations can focus on their core competencies, such as mission and program-related activities. Explore innovative strategies in sharing human resources, administrative services, and financing functions across organizations.
Presenters: Jackie Cefola (NonProfit Center), Peggy Eagan (Children & Family Services center), Dennis McMillan (The Foraker Group).
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Engaging Your Tenant Community: Strategies That Work
February 23, 2010
Ongoing communication is critical in nurturing an open, collaborative environment in your nonprofit center. But how do you get the attention of your busy tenants, and even get them to actively participate? A strong communication strategy can tap into different creative tools to generate a mutual exchange of ideas between you and your tenants. Our speakers will share best practices and solutions that have worked successfully at their centers.
Presenters: Judy Lind (Kukui Family Center), Jackie Cefola (Third Sector New England).
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Tenant Retention: Maintaining Full Occupancy in a Competitive Market
February 17, 2010
Whether your center is in a rural or urban area, there are effective strategies to retain tenants and boost the visibility of your center among the broader community. Three experienced nonprofit center professionals share what works and what doesn’t work for retaining their tenants.
Presenters: Paulette Church (Durango Adult Education Center), Linda Balduzzi (Ottawa Arts Court Foundation), Bruce Demartini (Thoreau Center for Sustainability, SF).
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Corporate Fundraising: Maximize Results with a New Approach
November 3, 2009
Raising funds within a corporate setting requires a new approach, especially with recent declines in corporate giving. Learn cutting edge practices to put your organization ahead of the curve and raise more than expected funding dollars.
Presenters: Michael Seltzer (Rabin Strategic Partners).
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Practical Partnerships: Collaborating with Academic Institutions
October 9, 2009
Academic institutions are excellent partners who can help grow your nonprofit center. Learn ways to collaborate with your local universities to develop projects that benefit your organization and challenge students.
Presenters: John Powers (Alliance for Sustainable Colorado), Frederick Andreas (Architecture & Planning College, University of Colorado), Matt Frassica (Tides).
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Attracting High Performing Boards
September 29, 2009
Ever wondered why some boards are better than others? Get best practices to attract, engage and maintain a high performing board of directors.
Presenters: Diana Kern (NEW).
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Building a Case for Nonprofit Centers
July 23, 2009, 2009
Need to persuade your board, funders or government officials to help you create a nonprofit center? This webinar offers key messages, strategies and tools to gain their support.
Presenters: Shelley Hamilton (MarinSpace), Jan Eggleston (Deschutes Children's Foundation), Dace West (Denver Office of Strategic Partnership)
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Shared Services: Allocation and Pricing Models
March 17, 2009
Shared services offer a possible solution by reallocating physical resources, staff, and programs across traditional organizational boundaries. But how do you ensure that your shared services model is sustainable? What pricing structure do you use and how do you allocate the costs and benefits among participating organizations? Learn from leading shared service providers about their experiences and models for success.
Presenters: Jackie Cefola (Third Sector New England), Daniel Saat (Tides), Tim Beachy (United Community Services Co-op), Neel Hajra (NEW)
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Know Your Market
February 10, 2009
Real estate professionals and nonprofit center managers share best practices for understanding your potential market, whether you are a developing project, a project in expansion, or just looking to cover regular tenant turnover in this economy. Learn how to conduct a market analysis and how to use it to create your rent structure and in a feasibility study for tenant recruitment.
Presenters: Diego Recalde (Concrete Stories), Alan Zimlicki (ASZ Associates), and Amy Tobin (David Brower Center).
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Tech for Talk: Shared Phone & Internet Services
November 13, 2008
Explore the benefits of installing, sharing and operating a single shared communication system in your center. Gain information on everything from equipment and installation to costs, operations, management features and billing.
Presenters: Alice Wagner (Tides), Brian Van Weele (Marin Community Foundation)
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Power Down: Efficient Operations Strategies for Nonprofit Centers
November 6, 2008
Nonprofit centers professionals share tips and tools to save money on energy and heating costs and strategies for operating your nonprofit center in a more sustainable, healthy and cost-efficient way.
Presenters: Jerry Bilton & Charlie Hall (Community Service Building), Aaron Nelson (Alliance for Sustainable Colorado)
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Building a Vibrant Tenant Community
October 23, 2008
While there is no "secret formula" for engineering a thriving community in a nonprofit center, there are strategies to encourage tenants to collaborate, share resources and support each other. Learn how to develop programs, services and physical spaces that foster community.
Presenters: Eli Malinsky (Centre for Social Innovation), Jackie Cefola (Third Sector New England), Nino Tillman (Institute of Cultural Affairs)
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Successful Joint Capital Campaigns
June 26, 2008
Pooling resources and fundraising capacity can help make your Nonprofit Center project a reality. However, sharing donors and fundraising capacity can stretch the relationships of any nonprofit organizations. Learn from the experiences of three Centers who have successfully used joint capital campaigns to help finance their projects.
Presenters: Peggy Eagan (Children and Family Service Center), Daniel Meyers (Al Sigl), Peter Tulipana (Heartland Family Service)
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Managing Meeting Spaces
March 18, 2008
Conference rooms are an asset that you can leverage to engage your community, generate additional revenue and meet your mission. Nonprofit centers professionals share their experiences and models for effectively managing staffing, scheduling and renting conference rooms and other community meeting spaces.
Presenters: Pam Brems (Mansour Center), Neel Hajra (NEW)
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