Center Information

Name: Schoenbaum Family Enrichment Center
Address: 1701 5th Avenue Box # 1
City: Charleston
State: WV
Zip Code: 25387
Phone: 304-414-4400
Fax: 304-414-4410
Background and Purpose
Project Status: in operation
Startdate: 01/02/2002
Mission / Purpose: affordable stable office or program space, coordinated client services, programmatic theme(s), i.e. arts environment
Themes: child and family services, community center, economic development, education, youth, Financial Services; Information Library; Conference Rooms

The mission of Schoenbaum Family Enrichment Center, Inc. is to provide or coordinate needed resources for people, families and businesses through services, community partnerships and opportunities. The Schoenbaum Center helps over 20,000 people each year with resources to improve their health, safety, education, income and happiness and provides over 70 jobs plus many volunteer opportunities. The Schoenbaum Center serves as a shining example of hope and compassion by enriching families, businesses, and the community.

Location: urban neighborhood/residential